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DANGEROUS Places You Should NEVER Swim!

DANGEROUS Places You Should NEVER Swim!

Water is usually good for you, but in this
case, you better watch out!! From flesh-eating bacteria to radioactive
streams, here are 8 places where you definitely shouldn’t swim! 8. Berkeley Pit If you’re in Butte, Montana and have 2 dollars
to spend, then you might want to consider visiting Berkeley Pit. It is one of the only places in the world
where you can pay to see toxic waste. It’s pretty easy, just pay the $2 admission
fee and enter the viewing platform. The Berkeley Pit is a former open pit copper
mine that is filled with highly acidic water. There are metals and toxic chemicals that
seep out of the rocks, including copper, iron, arsenic, cadmium, zinc and sulfuric acid! Of course, you don’t need me to tell you
what would happen if you went for a swim there. The pit was closed in 1982, the groundwater
slowly filled the pit and now, it is a serious environmental problem. In 1995 a flock of geese landed in the water
and over 342 dead geese were recovered. But the place is not really lifeless. New fungal and bacterial species have been
found to have adapted to the extremely harsh conditions inside the pit. An even more interesting discovery was that
these species developed a better production of highly toxic compounds to improve their
chances for survival. Some of these might be useful against cancer! However, there are other things about the
Berkeley Pit the State of Montana should be concerned about. The water level in the pit is constantly rising. This is a very big problem because if the
water level reaches the critical point it will contaminate the nearby ground water of
the entire Butte valley which is home to more than 30,000 people! A water treatment plant was built in 2003
to help avoid this catastrophe and hopefully this year, 2018, the facility will be able
to treat and divert the deadly water. 7. The Drake Passage Back in the day, if you wanted to travel from
the west coast of America to the east coast, you had to travel south and pass through what
is known as the Drake Passage. This is where the Atlantic, Pacific, and Southern
seas converge, and it is the fastest way to get to Antarctica. The Drake Passage is almost 1000 km wide and
the current creates some extremely choppy water. Combine that with unpredictable weather and
you can either have the smoothest water ever or an extremely violent journey. Aside from the harsh weather, the Drake Passage
is also known for its cold and deep waters. The waters are actually among the coldest
on earth! And its average depth is of about 11,000 feet! Extremely large cargo ships that cannot go
through the Panama Canal, are forced to go the long way around the Americas and go through
the Drake Passage. Before the Panama Canal, the safest, most
trafficked route to reach LA or San Francisco from New York was to go down to Cape Horne
and around the west coast. It would take about 90 days. There are many cruises that you can take to
Antarctica and despite the rough crossing, many people say its worth it for the spectacular
landscape and wildlife that you can see including dolphins, whales, and many kinds of birds. It is apparently quite the adventure! Just make sure to take your motion sickness
pill!! And whatever you do, don’t fall into the
water!! 6. Saco River Saco River is a popular recreational river
and many people come here to visit every year hoping to cool off and have some fun. Located between New Hampshire and Maine, it
is 220 km long. It passes through several counties and towns
before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean at Saco Bay. You can camp near the river, rent a canoe,
go tubing, or simply enjoy its beauty along the shore. It really sounds like a very nice place to
spend your free time. If you ask the right person, that is. There is a reason Saco River is on the list,
after all! There is a local legend that the river is
cursed. The story goes that in 1675, three drunken
English sailors encountered a woman from the Sokokis tribe with her child. They made a bet about a European myth that
stated that an Indian baby can swim upon birth as animals do. They attacked the woman, took her child and
threw it in the lake where it drowned. The woman’s husband, Squandro, the chief
of the Sokokis tribe, cursed the river “to claim three lives every year until all white
men fled its banks!” While there are no complete statistics on
deaths occurring at Saco River, locals say that the legends is indeed true and three
or more white lives are lost there every year. Spooky! 5. Amazon Basin There is a lot to be said about the Amazon
Basin. With so much water plunging down from the
Andes into the lush canyons of the Amazon, you will certainly find some of the best whitewater
rivers in the world, perfect for going white-water rafting. Or if that’s not your cup of tea, maybe
you would rather take a canoe ride, or take a rainforest canopy tour. One thing you shouldn’t do, is go swimming
in the Amazon basin. Most of it is filled with rough waters and
dangerous creatures ranging from toxic bacteria to black caimans. There are also plenty of piranhas which will
bite if they see shiny jewelry or if you have any sort of cut. Scavenger and parasitic catfish are even more
dangerous. The blue whale catfish is one of the scariest
fish that can bite you because they have razor sharp teeth that can tear out a chunk of your
flesh in a moment. Parasitic fish like the penis fish can come
after, and they can only move in one direction because of its needle-like spines. If one ends up in a human, the only solution
is surgery. Usually they get inside humans when they are
urinating in the water so yeah, don’t do this! You can also get zapped by electric eels that
hang out by the river bank which can cause excruciating pain and swelling. Flesh eating bacteria can be found in the
sediment of warm standing water almost anywhere in the world. The bacteria can get into your body through
your nose and spread. If not treated quickly, the bacteria will
start to consume your tissue and you can lose limbs. Did I already mention the large whirlpools
that will pop out of nowhere and swallow entire boats? A tour group let 12 people into the water
with life preservers, and 11 came back. Swim in the Amazon, but just remember you
might not make it. 4. Cape Tribulation, Australia This place earned its name in 1770 when British
Lieutenant James Cook’s ship sunk. He named it Cape Tribulation because “here
begun all our troubles”! Not a good sign! Nowadays here you can find a small number
of bed and breakfast lodges, tourism resorts and backpacker hostels, some very rare plants,
beautiful beach landscapes and a list of dangerous creatures that would be more than happy to
take a bite out of a swimmer! Of course! It’s Australia! If you still think the beautiful beaches are
as safe as they look, let’s review some of the dangers one might encounter at Cape
Tribulation! The most common thing that a swimmer might
encounter is jellyfish. Between November and May, this place is full
of them so pack your wetsuit. Even then, if you think you’ll be okay…
you’re wrong. Stinger suits are just a tasty bonus for crocodiles! Just kidding! They’ll take a bite out of you with or without
it. Even away from the water you can have quite
an unpleasant time if you’re not careful! There are lots of places to go hiking but
beware of the stinging trees that are all over the place. This tree has heart-shaped leaves with very
fine hairs on the leaves. Red berries hang from the trunk, but be careful! If you are tempted to grab one and you somehow
touch the leaves you will receive a very painful sting, which will most likely last for a long
time! 3. Laguna Caliente The Poás volcano in Costa Rica is active
almost continuously and the main crater is home to one of the most acidic lakes in the
world, Laguna Caliente. In April 2017, visitors had to be evacuated
because of the increase in gases coming out of the volcano. Tourists at the national park were complaining
about eye and throat irritation as they were leaving. This volcano has erupted 40 times since 1828!
Laguna Caliente which means “hot lagoon”, is located at a height of over 2000 meters,
in a crater 1.7 km wide and 300 meters deep. Due to the high acidity, no aquatic life has
been found in it. A fun fact about Laguna Caliente is that it
changes colors every once in a while. You might see it as blue or emerald green,
but then someone visiting a few hours later might see it as gray or white! Another interesting thing about this lake
is that it often experiences eruptions caused by the magma reaching the water. When this happens, because of the extreme
heat, the water and acid turn into explosive steam. These giant geysers can reach up to hundreds
of meters high! Many guidebooks might claim that Laguna Caliente
is a geyser but technically it’s not. The lush tropical forest around the volcano
suddenly disappears because of the acid fog and rain caused by Laguna Caliente and other
fumaroles. 2. Jacob’s Well Jacob’s Well is a popular natural swimming
spot in Texas. It looks very cool and refreshing at first
glance! Especially since Texas can get hot as hell! It’s extremely tempting to get your diving
equipment and just jump right in, but it is also a never-ending black hole that has lured
divers to their deaths. People consider it one of the most dangerous
diving spots in the world! Those with more adventurous spirits love to
leap from a nearby outcropping into the well to get away from the heat. You might think you are ready to go in, but
most likely you probably aren’t. This blue hole has a diameter of about 4 meters
(13 ft) and it descends vertically for about 9 (30 ft). At that point, there are a series of small
openings that can lead you into underwater caves that can go down 30 meters (100 feet)
or more. In 2007, trained cave divers started exploring
the well. To date they have documented 1828 meters (6,000
feet) of passages. What makes Jacob’s well so dangerous is
that inexperienced divers love to explore the narrow cave system which can end in some
close calls. Not everyone who makes it to the caves located
at the bottom of the well will make it back to the surface. There are 8 recorded fatalities between 1964
and 1984 but researchers guess there have been many more before that. Just don’t dive and you should be ok! 1. Lake Karachay Between 1945 and 1948 the Soviet Union decided
to build their own plutonium factory in the Ural mountains. Mayak was the largest nuclear facility in
Russia and it was kept secret until 1990! But being the largest doesn’t mean being
the best, clearly. Actually, the secret nuclear complex was concerned
with everything but safety. There were many leaks, meltdowns, and tons
of waste was dumped into the river. Lake Karachay is considered the most polluted
place on the planet. In 1990, standing on the shore for an hour
could kill you. Now it’s supposedly better but I don’t think
you should risk it. The nearby villages who used water from the
river fell ill with radiation sickness but doctors weren’t allowed to talk about it
because the entire operation was a secret. Lake Karachay is now full of concrete to keep
the radioactive soil away from the shore, but the riverbanks will be toxic for hundreds
of years. Now, you might not die but still…is it really
worth it?

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  1. You didn't even touch the Kern River in California, over 280 people have died in it in 40 years. Check it out, I think that is the most deaths in a river in North America

  2. Jacob's well looks awesome, would never get in the water, but would love to see it. However river swimming and tubing is awesome. Always make sure you take a paddle with you.

  3. There are thousands of dangerous places and you chose the "Cursed river that kills only white men". Seriously? It seemed more like an excuse to put another politically correct "positive discrimination" bs in your videos.

  4. Jacobs well is a great place to swim, people died there cause a lot of pot and alcohol was involved. This was all before they made it reservation only.

  5. The "Amazon Bazin" ?
    What's a "Bazin" ?
    The Candiru has never been known as the "penis fish".
    It is also called the Cañero, the Toothpick fish, and sometimes the Vampire fish, but "penis fish" ? No.
    Also, I've no idea what those photos were of when the narrator was talking about this mythical "penis fish".

  6. they said "claim three lives each year intill all WHITE men fled its banks!" … so… EVERYONE ELSE IS SAFE

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  10. If I ever swim in Jacob's Well ,I'll just swim down, but not into the under water caves then swim to the surface.

  11. 1 place you didn't mention was the Bolton Strid. This is supposed to have 100% mortality rate for anyone going in the water.

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  13. My family have been to Jacob's Well, as we live close by. The water is SUPER cold. The hole that leads to the caves is very small. Only so many people are allowed in at any given time, and you have to make reservations to go. There is at least 1 Park Officer with the swimming group at all times.

  14. Nr 7. The reason you shouldn't swim there: You'll get the full Titanic experience (well, except from a sinking ship and 1500 people freezing to death around you.)

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  16. My girlfriend won't tube down #6. Saco river, because she did one time and witnessed a man fall to his death from a train bridge.

  17. Just so you know it's the s-ah-co or saw-co if that's easier river, not s-aye-co. Most of us from maine don't care if you pronounce it wrong, but some others take it way too seriously so just thought I'd let you know the real pronunciation! We're never on any cool lists so it's just neat to see us mentioned on ANYTHING. We're not exactly known to be a bustling place ??

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  19. Katrina, I was at jacob’s well last week. It’s a popular spot in Texas, you have to reserve a spot just to go. The water isn’t too deep, but I didn’t go try and explore the hole ?.

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