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Cycling the Alpine Loop

Cycling the Alpine Loop

“Every time I’m just like, I can’t believe i did it again” “I’ve never once gotten tired of the Alpine Loop. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done these climbs here. Funny thing is, every time I get to the top, it’s a different experience.” “I can tell you the exact moment when I was out training and I was doing it five times the climb.” “So it was gonna be like 14,000 Feet of Climbing in five hours. I remember on the final time of the climb, my body was so fatigued and so vulnerable, I just had this like, epiphany man. There’s just Light and you look around and there’s this incredible view of the Timpanogos that’s just mind-blowing with the sun going down.” “And you’re like, This is why i ride my bike.” “Not because I want to win, not because this or sponsorships, whatever money, it’s all because of that single moment.” “I’m TJ Eisenhart and I’m a pro cyclist from Lehi, Utah.” “It was special thing growing up in Utah and you know, I have so many experiences whether it be like, trail running up the Timpanokee trailhead or riding the road bike or the mountain bike or having bonfires with friends up here. It’s the greatest place for me in the world.” “For just a local guy who’s having fun, these canyons can’t get any better, you know, it has it all. A really nice thing with the Murdock and even the Provo trail is that they all connect to these canyons. So you could do this huge loop where there’s challenging sections in it but then there’s also some medium sections, some easy sections. So, really there’s a lot of places where it’s up to you how hard you go.” “I always come back and I always miss Utah. You know it’s so vast and unknown in so many areas. You never know what you’re gonna run into. That’s kind of the beauty of it.”

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