Curling Your Hair In a Water Bottle? Viral Hack Tested

There’s a hack that’s going around the
internet that involves curling your hair by blow drying it inside of a water
bottle, so we’re about to try that now. and there’s also a little fish in here. Hello and welcome to the Queendom I’m Sarah Ingle and today we’re gonna try and curl our hair by blow drying inside of a water bottle because that’s what the Internet is telling us that we can do, and when the internet tells us we can do
things that seem like they’re not something that’s either going to kill us
or severely damage us we try those things the water bottle blow drying
curly hair hack seems like something that actually has potential merit to it
and I saw in a video that I reacted to it was my last video this at my last
video that was my last video because they’re blow drying in the bottle the
way it makes it swirl it curled their hair and you guys said you want to see
if it really works so we’re gonna try it and so today we have three different Oh this one has water in it still. I have an empty one. two three three different — whoa I can’t even hold three imagine if we’d tried four. It’d have been a total mess. We have three different sized water bottles today so I think my hair
is dried a considerable bit since I last wet it. I took a shower and then I had to
wet it again, and now I think I’m gonna get need to go wet it again before we
try to blow-dry it I’m back so we got to cut the top off I’m curious where’s this
going and cut a hole Oh a slot so hopefully this still works don’t try
this at home the great beyond this telling me to stop
well thank you okay so now I’m gonna dent ha they’re encouraging children to
do this okay there’s a questionable hole and then I need another hole the size of
this that’s a big hole by the time I finish this I’m gonna need to wet my
hair again it basically fits this is a part that they don’t show you on these
this is just not simple your bird outside it was like kind of suddenly was
laughing at me curled my ear on ten lamps by now there
that should work this is a really sturdy bottle I must
say that or hydration maybe I can just fit it through here maybe we’ll just
stick the hair in let’s just kind of hold down here to insert the little
dryer or like a little spongebob moments worth like three days later I’m gonna go
with that’s good enough it kind of it kind of fits I feel like I should
probably go wet my hair a little bit one more time what is this like time number
three okay my hair is wet again we’ve got some bottles cut to pieces and now
we can test the hack that’s some heat protected goop to put on my hair I am
going to put this on warm not on hot since we did discover in our curling
hair with random household objects video that it does not take that much heat to
curl my hair the group on my hand I love the consistency of this it looks like
frosting which water but maybe we start with the rather regular smallish water
bottle first put some hair in here now inserting the blow-dryer and let’s turn
it on to see what happens hold it in
turn off blew it right out of the container okay let’s try this again I
might need to hold my hair in there I’m just afraid this is gonna make my
hair so tingly it does seem to be somewhat curling somewhat this also
might be way too small the water bottle for my very long hair and I’m also
getting such a tiny little bit so let’s try stick some more hair in there I’m
gonna turn this down to cool it is kind of curling it it’s still wet
but it’s getting such a tiny little bit in there I almost feel like it’s that’s
kind of pretty kind of someone knows the two ages for the slightly thousand
easier ways to curl your hair including the time we curled I had my light bulb
the time we’ve curled our hair on a pepper shaker all of those were way
easier than this I think it’s mostly drop helping you
careful it’s mostly dry this still a little wet but it did it did curl it the
purpose of a life hack is to make your life easier to have little tricks and
tips to make life simpler not to make your life more complicated just because
you can this is the creating first world problem this one is less of a hack and
more of an inconvenience so we’ve seen what happens with the smallest bottle
I’ve got to try some of the bigger bottles
maybe that will solve some of this problem it’s still a little damp down
here and you can see think the general premise of it it does curl your hair and
a spiral but so far like goodness this has not been easy there we go well I feel is making a big mess up here Oh so I thought that the longer water
bottle would work and it it did a little bit I think the smaller one worked
better yeah I definitely did look at that you’ve got a clear ringlets here
for a third and final water bottle we’re going to do these smart water bottle
this has got a pretty big hole at the top let’s try and get this in here if I can keep the hair from blowing out
it seems to be working it’s just very difficult to keep the hair from blowing
out and if you plug the top it stops spinning hater ball it kind of worked but the problem with
it just like of all of my hair how much I managed to get curled is like this
much way down at the bottom I think keeping it straight up and down as much
as possible is helping and also having my hand partway down the container like
as something that’s almost like a rod in the middle of the hair pushing it down
not just at the top but like inside too oh this one work pretty well look at
that it worked pretty well it was way more work than it needed to be for a
single curl I’m literally like UHHHGG this is not something I would recommend for
curling your hair because there’s like three thousand easier ways to do it
though it does technically work but a life hack should be something to make
your life simpler not to make your life more complicated if there’s another hack
you guys ever see out there please tell me in the comments what that is and to
want to try it because I’m all about trying hacks as our on our journey to
find the best and the worst hair care and hair advice on the Internet
this one falls somewhere in the middle if not the worst it’s definitely not the
best it’s just it’s just a mess tell me I’m really curious to see which of the
three you guys thought turned out the best with that our first one I don’t
know where the second one even went so I’m guessing you’re knotting it to the
second one and we’ve got the third one the smart bottle of water so it’s really
between the little model and the bigger smart bottle which one of the curls do
you think turned out the best today anyways if you guys want to see more
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to ring of the little bell dingalingaling that was weird
thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next time so now that sounded like Babu Frick. Hey-hey! my hair is all wet because we’re gonna film a video while we are filming a video
literally it’s like actually rolling right now so I should probably go back. I would not like to be made of cottage cheese.
of all kinds of cheeses to be
made of, probably the worst would be cottage and the second worst would be Swiss [singing] Lately half the city’s overrun with cats and kitties [singing] eating everything in sight That’s right!

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