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Curling Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games

Curling Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games

Pyeongchang 2018 –
Stories To Watch. Curling. Curling appeared
at the Olympics in 1924. After that it dipped on and off
as a demonstration sport mainly, but did not become
an Olympic regular again till 1998. The game itself rewards good
concentration, steady nerves and team strategy, with one
person sliding the rock and one or two team-mates
sweeping the ice so the rock will either
stop in a desired spot, knock the other team’s rocks
out of the circle, or both. Three medals are there for the
taking in Pyeongchang. There will be a ten-team men’s
tournament and another for the women. Each team plays nine games and preliminary
rounds before medal play. For the first time a mixed
tournament will take place featuring eight teams of just
one man and one woman. In the coastal cluster
of the region, curling events will take place at the
Gangneung Curling Centre. The arena seats 3,500
spectators and played host to the Women’s
World Championships in 2009. Ice hockey and speed skating
will also take place at the Gangneung. What legendary band produced
a movie that included a perilous scene involving
curling? The answer later. JENNY PERRET – SUI
MARTIN RIOS – SUI Switzerland’s hoping to win
curling gold for only the second time in Olympic
history. The team of Jenny Perret and
Martin Rios pulled off a stunning rally
to beat Canada for the world mixed
doubles crown in 2017. Jenny delivered
the winning shot and now Switzerland has won six
world titles. That was her first, while Martin picked up
his second title. It was one of my goals
in my life, to take part in an Olympics. It’s a new event for us. We try our best,
I hope the best for us. Will this be a winning
combination in Pyeongchang? JOHN SHUSTER – USA When the USA won its only
Olympic curling medal in the men’s
competition in 2006, John Shuster was
the lead in Pete Fenson’s rink. Today Shuster is the skip, as he has been for nine
of the last 10 years. Shuster struggled after
Sochi 2014 and was briefly
dropped from the US team. He credits his loss of 30 lbs and the birth of his second
child with the perspective he needs
to return to the podium. I’ve learned a lot
through the last two Olympics. Having a peak performance and
making sure that our team goes there and gets it done I think
would mean the world to me. The 11 Olympic gold medals in
curling have gone to the five nations on the all-time table. In fifth, Norway with one gold. Same for Switzerland with
five overall. Third place, Great Britain
with two gold medals. Then Sweden,
which holds two of each colour. And at the top, Canada, collecting medals at every
Olympics for 20 years. CANADIAN MEN – CAN Canadian men have won
gold at the last three Olympics and silver at the two
Games before that. Skip Kevin Koe works for an oil
and gas company. The team’s third, Marc Kennedy, won the gold
medal in Vancouver 2010. The team’s second, Brent Laing, is an operations manager
for a lawn care company. His wife Jennifer Jones
was a world and Olympic champion curler. The lead, Ben Hebert, is
a business manager for an oil and gas company. NORWEGIAN PANTS – NOR Many athletes and teams
have their own Facebook pages, but how many pants can say
the same thing? Yeah, I said pants. Team Norway’s unique hodgepodge
of red, white and blue duds have drawn as much
coverage as their performances. CANADIAN WOMEN – CAN Canada won the women’s
gold in 2014, but has a new
line-up in Pyeongchang. Don’t think this is a step
back, however, as it is the first team to go
unbeaten at the Worlds. The team skip is Rachel
Homan, now Rachel Germain, a 28-year-old who has been
winning curling titles since her first in 2003. The team’s third is Emma
Miskew, seven weeks younger than
Rachel. Emma runs her own industrial
and graphic design company. Joanne Courtney, the second,
is a registered nurse, crossed country from Alberta
to join the team in 2014. The lead, Lisa Weagle, is a communications
adviser for Sport Canada. Will she be setting up
interviews for another championship? The island of Aisla Craig, a 240-acre dome-shaped island
off the coast of Scotland, produces roughly two thirds
of the world’s curling stones because of the rare micro
granite contained on the tiny island. EVE MUIRHEAD – GBR Many of Great Britain’s
curlers hail from Scotland, including the colourful British
skip Eve Muirhead. In 2014 Eve became the youngest
skip, male or female, to win an Olympic curling medal when she led Great Britain
to the bronze at the age of 23. She had been the British skip
at the 2010 Olympics, but the team performed poorly, and also
broke her broom on the ice. Even’s father Gordon competed
for Team GB at the 1992 Olympics, when curling was
a demonstration sport. Eve is an excellent bagpiper and competed at four world
bagpiping championships. SWEDISH WOMEN – SWE The Swedish women have
played in three very exciting Olympic gold medal
finals in a row. In 2014, tied with
Canada in the gold medal game, Sweden settled for a silver
after a 6-3 defeat. In 2006 the women won,
beating Switzerland. In 2010 they beat host Canada. The Swedish team of Anna
Hasselborg, Sara McManus and Agnes Knochenhauer have
played together for eight years since they won the world
junior title. Sofia Mabergs is the fourth
team member. Did you guess which band made
a movie with a scene about curling? In the movie Help! The Beatles encountered
a booby-trapped curling stone. The Olympic curling schedule
starts with the newest event, mixed doubles, awarding
its gold on February 13. Preliminary round action then
begins with men’s and women’s teams playing
nine games each. On February 23 is the men’s
bronze match. The 24th, the men’s gold
and women’s bronze. And the day
after that, the 25th, the women’s gold medal final. The Olympic Winter
games in Pyeongchang set to begin February 9. Follow other Pyeongchang 2018
sport previews on Olympic Channel.

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  1. I love watching this sport.

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    "Permanently in a stooped position, added with scrubbing-brush and water kettle."
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