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Curling My “Lob” For the First Time

Curling My “Lob” For the First Time

This background I got is, like, one of my favorite purchases, ever. *laughs* I just think it looks really cool Umm Today… I’ve got to bring… the thing I need. Be right back. Hi I’m back Now, when I’m filming this, I’m not sure if this will be posted before or after my collaboration with Sebastian Professional is up. Possibly before, possibly after, we will see, but, umm, this video is gonna be me, trying to style my hair? My short hair? For the first time? And in the, Sebastian Professional video, I curl my long hair, so if you, for a day miss or missed my long hair, then, either look forward to or go watch my long hair being curled Today I’m curling my short hair I’m prepared to burn the shit out of my fingers, because I don’t have one of those gloves, and I dunno how this is gonna look or end up or anything, we’ll see, it’s a trial and error kinda thing. I will be using the Sebastian Professional Twisted Spray, that makes your curls last longer This video is not sponsored, I just really like this spray, and we’ll see how I do. I tried styling it yesterday by curling it with a straightener, but I have never gotten that to work, like ever, it’s impossible for me, And it’s because of the, like my hair, it’s impossible to like twist and pull, it’s like twist and eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, which ends up with like curls that look like this don’t look good. For some reason, my hairdresser manages to do it, but she’s also used to doing it and she knows how to do it. I don’t know how to do it I’m gonna probably stick to this curling wand for now. It might look like I just have like a big ball of curls on my head when I’m done with this, but I dunno, we’ll see. I’ll just spray some of this, on my hairs. Okay, let’s start burning our fingers! So short in the back Can I even wrap this around? Ahhhh, I don’t wanna burn myself How am I supposed to do this? What the fuck? I did not think it would be this difficult. Maybe it’s because I can’t really see anything There we go, perfect Why don’t I use a mirror for this? Ah! Nice I really like the way this is looking! Way better than when I did it with the straightener Ow! Curly! Now, let’s move on to the next layer of my hair It definitely gets easier the longer the hair gets, so the neck hair is very short, but the, it’s getting easier as I can wrap it around the wand a little bit more I think I’m done! I mean obviously I need to like brush them out, but I’m done with the curler, woohoo! I can spray my hair with a little bit of dry shampoo because God knows I need that. So there! I like having it curled, I think it looks nice, I usually just flip my bangs over, dunno how that works when it’s curled. Might be a little bit weird. It works Curly! From the back Maybe something it gets a little bit too much, I don’t know? I’m not used to having short hair, I don’t know what’s considered a good short hairstyle, and what’s considered a less good one, but I like this! Okay! Exciting video! I curled my hair for the first time and I like the result. Very successful Thank you guys for watching, until next time, have a super duper good one I’ll see you, later Byeeee!

100 thoughts on “Curling My “Lob” For the First Time”

  1. Du har blivit superbra på att sminka dig (jag har följt dig absurt länge), skulle du kanske vilja göra någon slags tutorial? Hade velat se en!

  2. This is such a happy video! I love how much you love your hair now! Also I have the same problem with using a straightener to curl! so frustrating haha

  3. After I cut off all the dyed parts of my hair I remembered how my natural hair doesn't take to curling 😩 And especially since it's so short the first strands drop all the way back by the time I do the last ones 🙄

  4. Can't wait till my hair is this long 😍 I'm growing out a pixie cut and its so awkward rn and at like 8 different lengths all around

  5. I relate so much to your new hairstyle. I too have hair about that length and every time I say I want to go to the hair salon, because I really like the feeling of new healthy hair, everyone tells me "noooo your hair looks good why are you cutting it" and instead of "it looks good" I will get comments like "oh no I loved your hair before!"

  6. I'm growing out my hair into this lenght because it's so beaaaauuutiful and I love it so much!!! It fits you so well and I really like the music too <3

  7. I just have to say that — I don't know what it is about this particular video — but you look absolutely stunning. (I mean, truth be told you ALWAYS look stunning) but something about watching this I couldn't help but be even more in awe of your beauty than before. You look so happy and I absolutely LOVE your new haircut! It suits you so well, and I can see how much better it makes you feel!
    10 minutes well spent!

  8. Hearing you talk about your decision to cut your hair made me realize how much I also didn't like my long hair. Just cut it and I finally feel like me again, thanks for giving me that little push I needed. great video! 😊

  9. cut my hair off back in April and got the same curler haha, and I also just tried curling it myself for the first time a week ago 😀 how do you manage that the hair doesn't slip from the thicker to the thinner part of the iron? 😶 you look great with both long hair and short hair btw!

  10. You can't be the goddess of the braids and not being able to use the straightener for curls 😭 it's so simple compared to the sorceries you do and wish I was able to do 😭

  11. I think this is an amazing hair length for you. I just don't get why everyone calls it "short". Like what am i supposed to call my 5cm long hair then

  12. I gotta ask – does your mom still speak Finnish? I know it's pretty easy to forget, if you don't use it, especially since it is so different from Swedish and English (both Germanic languages). I've been wondering this for a while since you mentioned she was born in Finland, so had to ask. 🙂 Also loooooove your new hair!

  13. As a lob girl myself, a big time saver is sleeping with a french braid or two, and then curling the top pieces in the morning. It's more of a beachy look, but it's a lot less work. 😛

  14. I can never get the whole flat iron curls right either! I have the same problem! If you check my latest vlog you'll see I just let it go au naturale most of the time. Either that or a fun bun lol

  15. When I first got my lob it took me close to a year to learn how to properly curl it with the straight iron. It was frustrating and I went through awkward hair for a while, but eventually practicing made perfect. Now I curl my hair with the straight iron each day. I love having this length hair so muchhh

  16. i can totally relate! I have to use a wand instead of a straightener because it just looks weird and takes longer and just doesn't work right

  17. Your hair looks amazing :)..makes me wanna chop mine so bad..I am getting bored with my long's so long it doesn't want to curl like it used to (it's naturally curly/wavy) feels like a separate entity living its own life back there..haha 😀

  18. I've recently discovered that i love short hair so much more on me and i never cut it because everyone said long hair is beautiful blablabla…well u know what? I have to find me beautiful and not someone else and i am definetely happier with short hair (aka a lob haha)
    You inspire me to not care so much about others opinion but about mine ^^ love your videos please never stooop

  19. Thanks for showing us the whole process! 🙂 So many youtubers do the intro, then curl two strands and proceed with showing the finished look, lol.

  20. Katrin! I'm so excited to see that your channel has taken off!! I remember watching your videos like 2-3 years ago and I asked you how to overcome having crooked teeth. You were awesome and gave me such a thoughtful response. I love seeing awesome people succeed! I know it had to been a lot of work but you seem happy.

  21. Can anyone PLEASE tell me the name of the song at the end. I have been looking for 20 minutes and can't find it. @Katrin Berndt PLEASE??

  22. Hey Katrin. Have you ever thought about making videos about your food routine, what you eat or cook? Would be interesting to watch. Thanks

  23. Had to skip to the end of the video at 3:17 because I get so much anxiety when people curl their hair so near to their head because I always think they'll be burning themselves 😂 But nvtl I really liked the outcome!

  24. Du passar jättebra i nya frisyren! Kan tänka mig att det är skönt att få av en bra bit också när det var så långt. Det är väldigt jobbigt att ha långt hår faktiskt😔

  25. As an "all-time short hair user" I would really recommend (if you ever want to change your hair style a bit) a short bob longer on the front- shorter in the back, it would really frame your face so nice
    Love your hair❤

  26. Thank you for this video, the music was great too, and you are so gorgeous! I really needed to relax and watching you curling your hair was the perfect thing to do! <3

  27. It's out of this world that YOU ever feel ugly!! It's weird how the human brain works. You are unbelievable gorgeous! You look like a Barbie!!

  28. Wow people spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get hair colour like yours at the salon! so lucky! I love the music in this and how it's just straight up to the point. Also, I have the same length hair and what I do (this might work for you and less chance of burning fingers lol) is I hold out a strand of hair I want curled, then place the iron on the tip or as close to the edge of the hair as possible, clamp down, then twist the iron in my hand until the hair wraps around it. This is the way I have always done it and it gives a much more natural curl. I have never seen anyone else do it like this, as most people manually curl the hair around, which leaves the tip looking straight and uncurled and strange. There is a downside though – the more you curl the ends in this way the more dry they become. Anyways, I just started watching your channel and your tattoos are amazing. Hi from Canada!

  29. For short hair what I find easier is if you are curling your right side take the wand behind your head on the left side and curl the right side hair. Then vise versa.

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