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Curling My Hair with Random Household Objects

Curling My Hair with Random Household Objects

Today we’re gonna try and curl our hair
on random household objects like lamps and champagne glasses. Hello and welcome to the Queendom I’m Sarah Ingle and today we try and curl our hair on weird things
that are not meant to have hair curled on them like lamps and I choose a
champagne glass and forks and and pepper shakers and lipstick tubes I’ve got a
lot of weird things I don’t know this gonna work but
theoretically it should because we recently did a hair science video and
basically we learned about heating up hair and why that curls it same with
getting it wet basically if you heat it and it cools down that way when it’s
cool it should be stuck that way in my last video we reacted to hair TikToks
and one of those a girl curled her hair on her car door because her car had
been outside in the sun all day and was really hot and I was like theoretically
based on the hair science video we should be able to do that with anything
we should be able to do it with door knobs in our house which I’m not going
to do today though we could because I’m gonna stay planted in the studio so
without any further ado because we’ve been doing a lot it is lamp time and I’m about to try and
hopefully not destroy my lamp and we’re gonna heat up this pole right here with
a heat gun this is probably one of the first times in one of my videos I’ve
ever needed to make this statement but please don’t try this
I probably shouldn’t be trying it I’ve got my heat protectant spray over there
kept actually and the spray doesn’t work I lost the proper spray bottle so maybe
if I just like put a little in my hey oh I knew that was oh I just spilled liquid
all over the the extension cord and all plugs please don’t try this
okay I’ve cleaned up my very dangerous spill all over all of my cords plugged
in and now I’m going to heat this guy up it’s kind of one let’s try it let’s try
it let’s see would opens this is a little more difficult then it should be
very difficult as one human the girl beyond to the rescue could we turn this
and then I can like coil my hair of it I got it now thank you it’s not super
super hot like I can touch it and it’s hot but but I wonder I wonder if it’s I
don’t know how many Mississippians to wait should I work pretty well and you
know what I bet it’s less damaging because it wasn’t insanely hot it’s a
throwaway curling iron grab yourself a lamp I’m just so amazed by this
so can you curl your hair autumn lamp yes you can
I think we need to do the pepper shaker I’ve got some heat protective spray on
this strand and now we heat it up this is not that hot so I’m really really testing it here to see how cool we can
get one of these things and still curl our hair cuz like I am full-on I’ve got
my hands all over it and it’s not burning my hands so
let’s see let’s see four okay that actually did curl I don’t know if
you can tell because it was these are such big curls because it’s on this huge
thing and it wasn’t very hot but that did curl why are curling irons so hot
like literally a baby could play with this it’s just like someone sat on it
I’ll heat it up a little more and then we’ll do it one more time say that’s
pretty well I was still able to touch it so it’s not like a curling iron here okay I think I’m gonna try and take it
off now I don’t think it’s cooled down as much as it should have but I think
we’re not very large yeah it’s a very very large curl because it’s a very very
large object but it was definitely curled so kind of powder shaker curlier
hair yes it can oh let’s see what next I think you’re
supposed to put fruit in this the great beyond has spoken you’re not supposed to
put food in this it’s supposed to be but utensil them but I always did things
like put bananas and stuff in it so I’ve been using this the wrong way already
so to curl my hair on it it’s not that much of a difference so let’s grab a
strand here prepped now gotta heat the thing this will definitely make an interesting
pattern so I think we’re just gonna say that’s long enough it’s been on here
let’s take it off oh my goodness a little ramen noodle err it’s a very very
crimpy curl but it absolutely works so can you curl your hair on a utensil
banana holder for this yes you can okay let’s try the lipstick I’m not gonna
actually keep the lipstick in there because I don’t want it to melt okay I’m
gonna put it on this end just because I think it’ll be a little easier should be
ready can you curl your hair on a lipstick tube whoa yep you can quite
well I might add I pulled that out pretty strongly and it still whoop there
we go bounced right back into a curl I am willing to bet hair we can curl our
hair with a fork after heating it up with a blow dryer you don’t even require
having a heat gun for this I bet I bet we can I’m also gonna kind of brush my
hair out with the fork because you know Dingle hoppers I think we’ll try this
end all right let’s try it make it some strange shaped curls so
that’s like a flat curling thing but who knows who knows what’s gonna happen oh
it definitely worked but the odd shape of the fork made it a very angular
there’s a corner in my hair you don’t even need a heat gun you can literally
just use your blow dryer to heat up random objects in your house and then
use it to curl your hair and it’s so much less
Imaging so can you earlier you’re on a board yes I really wanted to try and
curl my hair on a c-stand because I have so many of them I don’t know what a
c-stand is it’s basically a multi-purpose stand that you’ll see with
a lot of video or photography studios I’ve got a ton of them but it was hard
to get one into my little space my little at cocoon of light I sit in so
this is just a little grip head it’s not really that warm but we’ll try it anyway
it’s not that hot I can sit here with my hand on it okay it should be uncoil it
yep you can curl your hair on a grip head okay so I have heat protectant
spray it I’m about to try wrapping my hair around a champagne glass that has
hot water in it this is gonna be one of those ones I really like the big cause I
don’t think we even need to leave this at all I bet it’s already cooked yep
it’s already curled that’s impressive you must do impressive Wow so you can
definitely curl your hair on a champagne glass all right we have one left and now
for my most bizarre idea thank you great beyond I’m gonna try and curl my hair on
a light well this is spooky lighting okay let’s try it I feel like it’s already probably curled
yep idea worked can you Carol your hair on a light bulb
powered just my light bulb nothing else heated it up yes all right
and just stop playing with it Wow so this was way better than I thought it
was going to and if anything not just because there was a light bulb involved
it was very illuminating because I had no idea how little heat it takes to curl
something with literally just heating something up with a blow dryer or you
can still touch it and feel it is enough to curl your hair which makes me wonder
why all the curling irons start at such a high temperature it seems like so
unnecessary extra damaging to your hair potentially dangerous to yourself
because you can burn yourself on it so now I’m gonna be on the hunt for a low
temperature curling iron because I might actually curl my hair more if it doesn’t
take that much heat I can’t believe I’m saying this but I think I would rather
curl my hair on a lamp then on a curling iron so I wanna hear from you guys in
the comments below what do you think I should try to curl my hair on next
because I have a feeling we need to do more this give this a thumbs up if you
want to see me try and curl my hair on more things to internet just needs to
see more of this if you guys want to see more videos like this remember to
subscribe we put on new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday so ring the
little bell if you want those to come right to you thank you guys so much for
watching and come along is really fun journey a very unexpected journey thank
you guys so much for watching I’ll see you next time I look like one of those little like cat
quacks that I like no idea if this is gonna work so woah. so what prompted all
of this is that res– I’m aggressive today I think I should be careful not to
like accidentally sit this on my leg because that part gets hot now all my
neighbors will be like what is wrong with you

22 thoughts on “Curling My Hair with Random Household Objects”

  1. Hello ! They told me that Castor oil helps to make the hair grow faster ? Is it true ? Since I was little my hair grows really slowly and I would like to make it longer.. Castor oil helps ? Thanks ! I love your videosss !! you're so so pretty as always !

  2. Hii im new here (not really) but IM SO HAPPY IM EARLYY
    and someday youll get more subscribers beacuse you deserve it

  3. so I've curled my hair with a normal pencil so i think that you should too. and my friend thinks you should try straightening your hair with a normal iron you iron your clothes with.

  4. You know actually in the middle of the day where My Curls died I will take a pencil wrap it around I just hold it with my hand for about a minute and I'll work

  5. I think a logical thing to try would be the handle of a hair brush.
    Maybe it's a secret multi-tool for hair?

    Also, try some pens and pencils.
    Pencils to see if the would will conduct enough heat.
    Pens because they'd be tight curls and they have clips built in to make it even easier.

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