Curling at PyeongChang 2018 – Team Canada // Curling à PyeongChang 2018 – Équipe Canada

There is a lot of attention to detail
in curling. There’s a lot of nuances in the sport. It’s much like hockey. I mean,
you’re team Canada and you are curling so you’re expected to do well, so there’s
a lot of inherent pressure. It’s a challenging game, both mentally and physically. There’s so many highs in curling and there’s so many ultimate lows by millemetres. The Olympics is a whole other level, in terms of a sporting
event and to have a couple of people on our team that have been there and just give us a
bit of idea what to expect. It can only help. The sports amazing and
teaches you so much and it helps you grow as a person to be able to take a
step back and know that there’s that journey as well that your are going on with your friends
and your family, It’s just been a really fun high.

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