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Curl Your Way To BIGGER Biceps!

Curl Your Way To BIGGER Biceps!

What’s going on Nation? I have a great bicep workout for you guys help build some mass This is your curl your way to a bigger biceps routine now first I’m going to do is some preacher curls using the inside grip the Ez curl bar now when you do a preacher curl What did they make sure your seats at the right height So you can sit up straight while doing the curls so you don’t put a lot of pressure on your shoulders We’re going to do three sets. I’m going to six to eight repetitions I recommend that if you don’t have one try and find a workout partner to help you out with those force reps So you can really build some mass while you’re doing is okay? It’s all about pushing yourself as hard as you can so six to eight reps [as] heavy as you can Three sets per exercise, four exercises. So here we are Preacher curls using the inside grip [of] Ez curl bar what I like to do is stand up like this Grab the bar pick it up Sit down. Keep a slight arch on my back so I can sit up straight Get my hands adjusted, and I come down like this all the way down and I breathe out going up down up Just like this, okay? Go as heavy as you can and you do three sets per exercise [and] as soon as you’re done 45 seconds rest, a minute maximum rest in between sets, okay? So again three sets, six to eight reps preacher curl use the inside grip of the Ez curl bar Second exercise you’re going to do is one hand cable curls, okay? You can do is go to cable machine to the cable all the way down grab a handle What I want you to do is lean back a little bit Hold your elbow in [front] of your hips put your other hand on this hip you’re going to curl right up Okay, try and keep your body straight slight bend in your knees Right up breathe out on the way up Just like this By holding your elbow out in front of your hip you’re keeping constant tension on your bicep the muscles always in the state of contraction Okay, all the way up all the way down as soon as you finish [your] six to eight reps on that side switch sides and do the other side As soon [as] you finish on this side that’s when the set is complete and then you rest it 45 seconds to a minute And then do two more sets as soon as you’ve done that You’re going [to] walk over to the next exercise and you do preacher curls again But you’re going to do the outside grip okay get onto the same way you did for the first exercise Grab the outside right here Now you might be stronger or weaker depending on which part of your biceps you worked out most during your life The inside ones seem to be easier for me What you’re going [to] do, sit up straight notice my elbows are wider on the pad compared to the first time and just simply Come down all the way Make sure you do a full extension on these you want to build some mass or build some strength, okay? You want to disengage and reengage the bicep on this exercise. I found this works best for me Come up careful to not hit yourself in the face on the way up down breathe on the way up Always breathe out when you exert force so yeah six to eight reps And then you do three sets And you’re going to rest forty five seconds to a minute in between each set Okay last exercise is a lot of fun It’s [really] going to give you like a super deep burn and a good pump for your last exercise So you’re going to leave the g feeling like you really did some work today, okay? Now this exercise is called twenty ones you’re still going to do three sets But each set you’re doing 21 reps and the way to do this is you’re going to grab a straight bar Okay, I want you to hold it Just barely outside of your waist but a hands length Okay, and what you’re going to do is I’ll turn sideways So you can see is you’re going to keep your elbows in [front] of your hips keep a slight bend in your knees And you’re going to do this You’re going to do a little curl. You do it seven times Okay, as soon as you do seven times with a little curl, and then go halfway up seven times Keep your wrist straight Keep the biceps flexed go up halfway always breathe out when you exert the force As soon as you finish seven there you do seven curls all the way up all [the] way down Make sure you go all the way down I don’t want to see you guys doing this in the gym, and think that’s all the way down all the way down Means all the way down full extension, okay? All the way up All [the] way down, do 7 of these Keep your elbows in front of your hips tension the whole time three sets rest 45 seconds to a minute in between Maybe a little longer on this one But not that much if you really want to get a good pump on the second and third set But that’s going to be your bicep routine to build mass, okay? Curl your way to bigger biceps keep proper form destroy it get a workout partner Get pumped and post video responses below because I want to see how big you guys get those guns okay? I’ll see you guys later and as always we’ll get stuff coming soon. See, ya

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  1. I'm not gay but, when i look at his muscles it makes me want to really workout… thanks, i'm 13 years old and this worked for me

  2. U probably don't know much about how the body works and like others assume it's only show off muscle. It's got its uses.

  3. For sports not so much. They're for pulling, picking stuff up. And you need strong biceps for chinups. They also help with other compound movements which will actually benefit athletes :D. Anyways their priority is obviously low and training them for size is only for showing off.

  4. Ah, yeah I read your original comment as biceps are pretty much useless. Definitely they're not that important for sports :P.

  5. According to your activity you seem like a geek who plays videos games al day long you subscribed to TMW just two days ago. assuming you just started to get your lazy ass off that couch. 6-8 reps with heavy weight is enough to build mass and the proper nutrition of course. Don't be quick to judge when all you do is play video games…

  6. Alright man i shouldn't have judged you like that, thats my bad. but don't call others pussies when your theory is wrong. have you heard of the joe weider principle? well now that mentioned it you would research and say yes 😛 well look man, i was 143lb back in september. now im 160 getting ready to cut i just had a bulk. during that bulk i was smashing heavy weights 6-8 reps my bodyfat went frum 7 to 10% bodtfat during that bulk. So how did i gain size without doing high reps?

  7. It's not hard to gain size when you're eating more calories per day than you are required to maintain your body weight. Would you rather lift each set to failure and gain the most muscle you can while you can, or lift for years doing 6-8reps at heavy weight and eventually reaching a plateau you can't get out of. I'd rather be as strong as possible.

  8. yes your right, strength training is 4-6 reps. my bench, squats, deadlifts, cleans and presses have all went up. i don't do higher then 8, when i hit 10 and over i start feeling flat and depleted, thats just me 🙂

  9. Great video as always from Scott. He always illustrates good form and teaches safe and responsible methods for training all muscle groups

  10. I'm happy with my strength gains. i noticed after i started hitting deadlifts and squats with proper form and as heavy as possible i started seeing more strength gains. but this seems new 10-12 x1? so 10 -12 reps 1 set?? per exercise? can you emphasize please? thanks for the info by the way 🙂

  11. So how would i apply these rep ranges to achieve my goals? example would be: i'll incorporate 7-15 reps in my routine for a month of cutting than next month i'll do 4-6 reps to maintain size and strength while cutting? than vice versa? I just started cutting today and you seem to know alot about this stuff 🙂 i could benefit from your advice. anything would be appreciated 🙂

  12. so its best to do 1-3 reps 10 – 12 sets rather than higher reps for lower number of sets. both will deliver the same results? but how many exercises for 1-3 reps and 10 -12 sets? im assuming its mostly compound with 1 or no isolation movements?

  13. i didn't quite understand this one. My english isn't that great. sorry if i'm asking for too much..i'll try until i understand something atleast.

  14. find your time , some recover faster , some slower , usually people who run recover faster cause running builds cardiovascular strength

  15. you realyze those are not 21's =)) 7 lower half , 7 upper half , 7 complete , you did 7 lower , 7 complete , 7 complete , you did not pay attention ,you know your shit but funny tough . best people make mistakes

  16. no you douche he did 7 lower half 7 upper half and 7 complete ;P watch the vid again and you need glasses 😛

  17. look better , and how imature are you to start cursing someone that easy , you fight on youtube?

  18. maybe im rude ………but cmon this man here is the main reason today i am survivng all the bullys ……….and if you guys just want to point out about his voice about his actions………well then stop watching these videos …………im greatful to this guy and i love his videos ………

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  20. The best rep range for pure mass and size is the 12-10-8-6…


  21. With the 21's i start from the bottom to the middle 7 times so it hits the bottom and the middle of the bicep then i start from the top and only move it slightly so it does the top of the bicep then i do full range curls so it hits each part of the bicep equally. Scott here seems to be hitting his bottom biceps three times, his middle twice and his top only once hmmmm.

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  24. ALL THE WAY DOWN !!!! I DONT WANA SEE YOU GUYS DO THIS *…………..* and THINK THATS ALL THE WAY DOWN !! bwahah ! amazing vid

  25. hey Scott I just wanted to ask, how do you determine when to start increasing the weights you lift? I started doing your exercise routines but I want to get bigger because right now i'm still kind of scrawny ha ha and also you can my ribs so I look really skinny, any advice for that?

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  30. Scot I know that for biceps only you need a 2 max 3 exercises I saw 4 on that video is there a problem to do a 4 exercises??

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  40. Hi Scott. should i go low weight on the preacher curl and heavy weight on the EZ biceps curl? i do 4 sets 8 reps of each with 1 min break between sets. And I cannot do heavy weight on both without reaching failure.


    Who would have known that doing a good variety of curls was good for your biceps… 😀

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