Cross-Skating Technik, Stil, Schritt: Permanent, 1:2, 3-Punkt, 1:1

Cross-Skating has some special techniques of its own… different from nordic/roller skiing/blading etc. Continuous stride (not diagonal) speedy + balanced + integral ideal for endurance skating Weight on rear wheels… and upright standing means… better cross performance + healthier back Continuous stride (Permanentschub)… performed with alternating poling action… and close parallel same side pole to skate 1 : 2 with parallel poling basic + safe + relaxing 3-wheels 1 : 1 stable + safe… for harder cross conditions Great + healthy back workout 2 powerful calf brakes… for safe cross-downhill 1 : 1 speedy but tiring challenging balance training Have fun & SUBSCRIBE ; – ))

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