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Core exercises for swimming underwater dolphin kicks

Core exercises for swimming underwater dolphin kicks

Core strength is very important for swimming
as I mentioned in our core exercises video. Today we will focus specifically on exercises
that will improve your underwater dolphin kicks. It is equally important to work your lower
back muscles and it is your abs. They both play a huge role on the undulating
movement of the body. Having said that, let’s go over some of
the most useful exercises. Starting from a hollow rock position, with
your lower back touching the floor, make every letter of the alphabet with your feet. A,B,C etc. This exercise will give you control over your
core muscles, it will also give you strength and it is entertaining because you have a
clear goal. It is best if you put your hands in a streamline. Alternatively, you can put your hands down
on the floor to make it easier. For the rest of the exercises, I recommend
doing 10 to 15 repetitions for each one. If you feel like they are not enough you can
do one or two more rounds of the whole set. Once a week is a good time to do core, but
doing it three times a week is even better. My favorite and I think the most useful exercise
for underwater kick has to be this one. Pass from hollow rock to inverted hollow rock
without using your arms of feet. Just use your core. With this exercise you learn how to use the
entire core and alternate between the front core muscles to lower back muscles, which
is what you do during dolphin kicks. This variation of crunches is very useful. You extend your whole middle area along with
your legs, and without the feet touching the floor, crunch and bring back your legs and
upper body to a tucked position. The V sit up is a very similar exercise, except
maybe a little bit more challenging. It is a nice variation to strengthen the same
area of muscles. We have done mainly front core exercises,
now it is time to do some supermans. For our purpose it is best if you maintain
the streamline while doing these. It is more uncomfortable to have your hands
together but ultimately this is the position you will hold underwater. If you don’t have enough flexibility to
do this, I recommend going back to our past video on flexibility. Holding a hollow rock for a few seconds is
excellent preparation for the streamline and the underwater kicks. Each time you do it try to increase the time
you hold it and break your own record. To work out the sides of your core, do these,
the russian twists. Try to increase the speed. Normal crunches are good, but for our goal
do them in a streamline! When you are reaching the highest point try
to stretch out your entire back and create a straight line from your arms to your hips. Finally, do these plank variations trying
to keep your chest pointing to the floor at all times. If you want to buy one of our swim caps, click
here: See you next time! Swim fast!

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  1. Pls answer my question. I almost killed myself today. I did underwater dolphin kick slowly about 2 laps,then my abs hurt so much. It was like someone stabbing me and it took me a long time to recover. However, when I practiced doing dolphin kick fast to perform a flip turn many times or just to swim a lap, my abs didn't hurt much.?Why? Was it just because I did dolphin too well and correctly today?

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