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Conquering Florida: Jet Skiing in Key West

Conquering Florida: Jet Skiing in Key West

Ricky Carmichael: I’m Ricky Carmichael.
I’m a native Floridian and I’m here to conquer Florida. Ricky Carmichael: Off we go man! J.H. Leale: I’m ready for the warm water. Ricky Carmichael: Are ya? J.H. Leale: Im ready to do some jet ski
ridin’. Ricky Carmichael: I’m looking forward to it, its going to be fun. Especially, crushing you and spraying you with water the whole
time. Make sure you wear some goggles. J.H. Leale: Jumping waves isn’t like jumping dirt piles bud, I got ya. Ricky Carmichael: Oh,OK J.H. Leale: It’s a little bit different
in the waves. Ricky Carmichael: I’ll give you that, it
is different but it has an engine, so. SFX: Engine Rev Noise. Instructor: So we are going to be doing 28 miles today, a full circle around the island. Two separate oceans on a jet ski in one day,
we will do some calm water, some rough water see if you can throw yourselves off. I get a little entertainment somewhere. J.H. Leale: (Laughing) Oh somebody is getting
thrown off today. Ricky Carmichael: (Laughing) Oh he will be falling off, he is a stick and ball guy, so. J.H. Leale: (laughing) Instructor: We are off! Ricky Carmichael: I think the cool thing about
jet skiing in Key West is that one-minute you are in the Gulf of Mexico the next moment
you are in the Atlantic Ocean. Ricky Carmichael: A 28 mile loop around the
island, really it is second to none. Ricky Carmichael: When we were on our jet
ski ride there was a lot of mangroves, that was really cool you know. I just love mangroves,
the water being so clear I can’t describe to you how beautiful that was. Ricky Carmichael: We are on the jet skis and we were coming from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean side, we came across what they call “the river of sand” and basically, it is a huge sandbar right off shore. Ricky Carmichael: Not everyday do you get to experience stuff like this, check that out. That’s cool right there. When you think of Florida, it gets no better. Ricky Carmichael: Being a motocross guy, as I was sitting on the jet ski I was thinking even though its not two wheels I felt like I was at home. Ricky Carmichael: I was getting excited, because I knew how much I was going to mess with JH and spray him and just ruin the guy on the
jet ski. J.H. Leale: Jumping waves isn’t like jumping dirt piles, bud. Ricky Carmichael: That was fun, huh?! J.H. Leale: Dude, that was awesome! Ricky Carmichael: Did you like getting sprayed
in the face the whole time? J.H. Leale: (laughing) Did you like it?! I
got you too! Ricky Carmichael: You know, I think that if
anyone is coming down to Key West to go Jet Skiing I’d tell them there is so much to
see. So, after being on the Jet Skis for so long I gotta say, it was nice to get back
to what I know best which is two wheels and riding scooters around town. It was fantastic.

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  1. Awesome video, beautifully shot! We love to jet ski around Florida too!
    Wander on over to my YouTube page and check out my scuba diving and free diving videos from all over Florida.

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