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Cómo caer al patinar en hielo // How to fall when Ice Skating

Cómo caer al patinar en hielo // How to fall when Ice Skating

I’m Ana Diaz And I am very glad to be back with you A little late because I’ve had a very crazy Monday Crazy Monday But I’m happy to be back on the Channel I’m working out on some changes so I can upload more videos every week We’re taking into account all the comments you leave on our videos. I’ve checked on every single one of them Every one And I’ve replied to all of them So, we’re really paying attention to all of your comments. We read and review everything you say 😉 We’re going to have more videos before the olympic season. But today we’ve decided to get done with all of the basic skills of Figure Skating And these are, gliding stoping, being able to balance on one foot and making complete and half lemons Going forward or backwards, at the very least in the basic ways with full lemons And this would be like a begginer level so you can go with your friends to the rink to have fun! Also, to fall down To speed around with all of the confidence and control Herdez… jk so You’re really… If you’ve already managed to master all these skills You’re really on the line where you have to decide if you want to maybe take Skating lessons, or that maybe this is all you need to know Or maybe you can learn to do some tricks with us. We’re going to keep on uploading videos About… How to improve those edges outer and inner… A lot of wonderful material that we’ll be uploading around the next weeks Plus the commentarys, we’re restarting on August And we’ll do some product reviews of Figure Skating products For Skaters and Skating Or maybe, products that are not specifically for Skating But that you might find useful as skaters So, suscribe, push that bell notification button The first one will be on the Spinner. Not the viral one, but the Edea one Aaaand… we’re planning on uploading it on Wednesday So, stay with us Let’s begin with the tutorial The best exercise to learn how to fall on the ice is to bend down on both feet as much as you can, doing a squat And then let yourself fall sideways this way, you’ll land on the side of your leg or butt This way, you fall gently, and the ice absorbs a big part of the fall’s speed As you can see, I’m pretty happy I fell down, and did not hurt anything Well, friends, this has been it for today we’re very happy about being here with you with more material and really trying to make this a better channel I’m pretty happy about this channel’s growth It has grown a lot in the last month. We’ve reached numbers we had never seen before So we’re very excited Keep on subscribing, share this video with your friends You already know Any doubts, any questions you have Anything you’d like to learn Leave it in the comments This is something we’re definitely gonna be teaching There will be some things that we won’t But we’ll see if we do some tips See you a next time We love you!

13 thoughts on “Cómo caer al patinar en hielo // How to fall when Ice Skating”

  1. Hola, tengo una pregunta. Saben yo tengo 20 y recien puedo pagarme las clases de patinaje que hace años queria hacer. La pregunta seria, estoy muy grande ya como para aprender? Es que mi sueño siempre fue ser una patinadora profesional y lamentablemente mis padres no podían pagarme las clases. Realmente quisiera aprender a patinar pero me siento muy grande y me deprime ver que hay tantas chicas (jovenes, de 16 o menos) que ya patinan hace años y que lo hacen increible. Le agradecería que me ayudaran a saber si aun tengo tiempo de hacerlo.

  2. ¡No mamches! Cómo no ví ese vídeo hace 2 años , me di un santo pu#&zo en lomas verdes XD. Pensé que no patinaría jamás . Hey Anita andas muy desaparecida

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