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Colorado Ganja Tour: BONG APPÉTIT

Colorado Ganja Tour: BONG APPÉTIT

I like to control what I’m putting
into the plants. Making sure that
they get loved, that they get music,
that they get petted, and hugged and caressed. And I find that it
really does help. What kind of music
did this guy hear? A lot of dubstep. They like dubstep. Oh, I wouldn’t have
expected that. I wouldn’t have
expected it either. And they love The Doors
Like greatest hits stuff or like deep cuts? Everything. Yeah,
I’ve got all of it. Cheers.
Cheers. Cheers. Let’s blaze. Hey, what’s up?
I’m Abdullah. I write the Come for advice under
the name T-Kid. Since Colorado
legalized marijuana, I’ve been to Denver more
times than I can count. But now, for
the first time, I’m leaving the mile high
city behind to see what cannabis culture is like
in a small mountain town. So I’m basically here
to see what marijuana tourism is all about. Yeah.
Doing it legally. Check me out. So we’re about to take
a marijuana guided tour of all the spots
in this town, he’s gonna take us
to a grow house. Look at the size
of this bud. To a dispensary. Yes! That’s what I’m talking
about, perfect. And then we’re gonna end
it all with a cooking lesson from
Jessica Catalano, the author of the Ganja
Kitchen Revolution. A groundbreaking cannabis
cookbook, that’s got some awesome recipes in it
that I can’t wait to try. So, let’s blaze! My God! Where’s my ride at? It’s freezing out here! What? Are you kidding me? All right, this is
obviously going to be a very gangster
weed tour. What! Wait.
So can we smoke weed in here? Yeah, we can smoke. What?
Are you serious, man? Yeah, yeah. Come sit in here. Yeah, so in fact, in the back of
a limousine is one of the only legal places you
can consume cannabis. Yeah, because I mean
hotels don’t allow it, obviously there’s
no cafe’s, no bars. You can’t consume
in public so yeah it truly is one of
the only places you can consume is in
the back of the limo. You found a little
loophole in the law. Yeah, we did. Amazing, let’s take advantage of
that loophole. Oh this is so sick, I
can’t believe I’m blazing in the back of
a frigging. Dude, that’s so badass. Yeah. Completely legally! Check me out. Check it out. So how long have you been
running guided tours? Oh, we did our first
tour on April 21st last year, actually. Day after 4/20, when you got your
shit together, huh? Exactly. The day after 4/20. So we’re preparing
cannabis with gourmet food. We’re doing
wine tastings. Mm-hm.
Put that all together into one trip, like
people are just blown. Who are some of
the kinds of people who come on this tour? Honestly, I’ve done 24
year old local bartenders to 70 year old
disabled Texans. Man I can’t believe
we just get to smoke weed in the back
of this stretch limo I know isn’t it rad. Yeah it’s insane. You guys are living
the life up here. Only in Colorado. So we’re pulling up to High Country Healing
right now. Okay, cool. What we’re gonna see is
their craft gardens. Cool.
It already smells like some heady
weed right now. Oh yeah.
That’s good. You’re about to get your
nose right into it. So come on in, you guys. Check it out. We’re about two weeks in,
so we’re starting to see good development of
our white hairs, our afro buds coming out. Amazing. And how many different
flavors, how many different strains do
you have in this room? Probably have
approximately 14 different strains. So one of the things I’m
kind of learning about while I’m out here
in the mountains, is how cannabis is
being used in cuisine. Well, I mean
the terpene profiles of individual strains
are all different. And so the terpenes
are the organic compounds that give the different
smells and tastes into cannabis. So all plants have it. Pine trees, Alpha-Pinene is the terpene that
pine trees have, so it’s the pine smell that
you smell in cannabis. And so once you start
identifying those, then we pair those with the flavor
profiles of the cuisine. So what elevation
are we at right now? 9,000. 9,000 feet above
sea level. We’re about 9,000 feet,
yeah. So, how does that have
an effect on the cannabis that you grow out here
at this elevation? It definitely is helpful. The cold,
fresh air Is optimum. It’s the best quality
of growing at altitude. Besides that, we have
the cleanest air up here. It’s not polluted by
city or industry. You can taste it in
the water here too. And did you take
a breath of fresh air this morning? Yeah, I took a breath
of fresh air. I’m trying to fill
most of those breaths with smoke
while I’m up here. All right, so can we
see something that’s even further along
then these guys? A room that’s at
about 60 days and you can see the big
difference on the swelling of
the size of the bud. How you can see,
it’s pretty much there. And you can see how kinda
the crowds cannabis is growing. All these are so
individualized. Look at the size
of this bud. So this is
the Casey Jones that we’re gonna do. It’s a Thai train wreck. Where’s the terpenes, tell me what you
smell in that? Whoa, definitely
really sweet, like fruity smell to it. Yeah, like the citrus. I call it like a fruit
punch citrus with like an earthiness after. Wow, yeah,
I totally get that, man. And so this is what
Justin Catalano’s going to be pairing for
the Cultivating Spirits dinner tonight,
is the Casey Jones. So, we’ll get to
cook with this, and eat this later? And we’re going to do
our tasting over it, and get into it
a little bit more. Take a mental
picture of this. Snap. You’re going
to be enjoying this a lot tonight. I’ll see you later. So yeah, let’s go check
out some buds that we can actually throw in
a pipe and burn. Yeah so we’re gonna head, we’re gonna go pick up
the rest of the tour. And then we’re
gonna head over to High Country Healing and
we’re actually gonna be able to see what this
looks like after it goes through the trimming
process. Awesome. So welcome on your first
Cultivating Spirits tour. We’re doing our
sensational fusion experience tonight. So we have a lot of fun things that we’re
about to do. We’re gonna go to
High Country Healing for an exclusive
dispensary experience. And then we
are going to do a tasting of Casey Jones
which is our highlighted strain
of the night. And then we’re gonna show
you actually preparing the gourmet dinner
later on tonight with the Casey Jones
as well. So we’re gonna show
you how we prepare the terpene profiles, or the flavor profiles
of the food. We gotta try some of
that Casey Jones, man. Smell for sure. We give away free smells
and free high fives. Yes! Pass that around. Wow.
It has a super fruity, sort of sweet smell. Definitely really
pungent. Little bit of citrus
vibe going on. So how long have you
guys been open here? We have been open
recreationally since January 1, 2014
And five years prior to that. Cool. Wow.
And do you have a lot of
tourists coming in, people who are here to
ski and stuff like that? Absolutely.
That’s our main target market at High Country. And we see people from
all over the world. Mm-hm.
A lot of people are looking to
eat edibles and stay away from smoking. And be more healthy
in that aspect. A lot of people think
that you can compare a dose of an edible
to say, a joint, and that’s completely untrue. You really can’t. Have completely
separate tolerances when it comes to
smoking and eating. And do people ask you
a lot of questions about dosage in order to avoid
one of those horror stories we’re always
hearing about? The state recommends
that you dose at ten milligrams, I also
recommend that as well. Specifically if you’re newer to edibles in
the first place. The rules for edibles
is you have to have something fatty
in your stomach. THC is fat-soluble. It needs something to
disperse itself into you, in your stomach
to be evenly distributed to
your liver. The final rule
of edibles is Don’t over-medicate, so. Right. So start low,
go slow, right? I’m an innovation person,
and our GM now actually gave
me an awesome plan. It’s to smoke and take your dose at
the same time. That way when you’re
coming down off of your smoke, your edible should
kick right on in, and you’re not impatiently
waiting on your edible to take effect. You’re high all the time. Exactly. Yeah, so
tell us a little bit about the Casey Jones. Casey Jones is Train
Wreck crossed with Thai, and you’re more than
welcome to take a picture of the Casey Jones. Yeah! So has anyone like, cried
from joy because they can buy weed from you legally
for the first time? I haven’t seen
tears of joy yet. I’ve gotten
a lot of hugs. I’ve gotten a lot
of pictures. That’s a nice expression. Which is great. We feed off that energy
that people bring here, and it makes this job one
of the more sought after jobs in the world, just because
everybody’s positive. I think it’s the positive
energy that makes it so sought after. I said, fuck,
it’s a green place. So could I get a gram
of the Casey Jones? Absolutely. Perfect.
Thanks. Off to the next spot. Back in the back
of the Escalade. And you can
smoke in there. Yes! Here’s one of our
favorite parts of the night and I’m gonna
teach you, like I said earlier, how to properly
taste cannabis. So in order to properly
taste cannabis, you can’t use
the same pipe and you need something
that’s clean and never been smoked out of. So you can really
get the full taste. Thanks, I got
everyone a pipe. Everyone get out a little
nug, in their hands. Look at it, you know, and then start
squeezing it as well. And really bruise the
terpenes that are in it. I smell like definitely
that, sort of like, really pungent sour
fruit smell going. Yeah, so that’s lemonene. That terpene’s
called lemonene. And so, when you hit it, all you need to do is
just barely just burn a little corner of it,
corner of the bowl. You don’t need to burn
the whole thing so you can savor as much
green as possible. That’s good
weed etiquette. Yeah. Yeah.
>From there, really notice the taste
on the inhalation. You know, you don’t
need to hold it in. Really just expand
your lungs fully and it gets into your
lung walls and so once you fully expand
it gets into them. Holding it doesn’t do anything besides
cut off oxygen. In your head. So once you get that
full expansion and then slowly blow out,
notice the different taste on the exhalation
as well. Then you wanna
do a cupping motion where you actually
smack your tongue to the top of your mouth
to get those flavors. Yeah. Like that? Just like that. All right, so
I want us all together. Cheers. Cheers. Wow.
It’s really earthy. Yeah. Wow. Not quite the same
as the smell, huh? I feel the earthiness
more on the inhalation than the exhalation,
you know? On the exhalation
I feel a little bit more of the lemon. Getting more lemon, yeah. The citrus.
More lemon sucking it too,
it’s like stronger. Yeah.
It has a really sweet smell too, I feel like
the actual smell of it, and I don’t taste
any sweetness. Oh, you don’t? Mm-hm. Yeah, it smelled
a lot sweeter. I can’t get over how good it tastes out
of a clean pipe, but how shitty it tasted
when you’re smoking out of like a pipe like
filled with resin. Yeah, yeah.
Which is what I’m always doing. You know what I’m saying,
so yeah, no. This strain is definitely
very beast man I hope it makes it out to the East Coast
sometime soon. Yeah so and then you’re
gonna notice how Jessica will refer to some of
the flavor profiles of the food with the terpene
profiles of the cannabis. Really you know digest
these thoughts that you have right now. Reflect on whatever she talks about
the flavor profiles. Thank you. Oh my God! It smells so good! Oh my goodness! Jessica, it smells
amazing in here! It looks so nice! Thank you! That looks good. My name is
Jessica Catalano, author of the Ganja
Kitchen Revolution, the Bible of
Cannabis Cuisine. Meaning, I pair specific
strains with specific dishes. Casey Jones goes really
well with the dish that I prepared. Wow.
That’s amazing. Have you ever done any
sort of cannabis with food pairings before? Yeah.
I’ve done like the four spliffs and then an entire jar
of Nutella pairing. So everybody, the dish in front of
you is beef tenderloin, served on a bed of
fingerling potatoes, with asparagus and
a reduced balsamic glaze. Wow. That’s really good. This is a Granny Smith
puff pastry tart with salted
caramel sauce. The Casey Jones is really
awesome, and yeah, you taste a lot of
that fruitiness. It’s funny, it’s like
there’s a way to smoke pot recreationally for
that purpose, and to do it medicinally, and
to do it for culinary purposes, is sort of a
whole another segment of it that I’d never even
considered before. Wow.
Wow. That’s unbelievable. Yeah.
Thank you. Thank you so much. Oh, you’re welcome. Everyone.
Cheers. To our pleading. Cheers, everybody. Share some love for
you down there. So that was a pretty
incredible dinner and a pretty incredible
day altogether. Got to see some weed
growing, and touch it, and smell it, and
then smoke some of it. And we just had
an incredible dinner. And we’re gonna get to
eat some weed tomorrow cuz Jessica invited
me over for dinner. And that’s gonna be
pretty amazing, but for now, I’m just gonna go
pass out and sleep like a log cuz I’ve been
smoking weed all day. Hey. Pass it around. Who’s that? Hello.
Hey, what’s up Jessica? Nothing, how
are you doing? How’s it going? Good thanks. I have everything set
up in the kitchen, so we’re ready to
rock and roll. Fantastic, I
can’t wait see. So what have we
got over here? Well, we have some home
grown strains from my my personal grow. I’m gonna teach you
a few infusion methods. Okay, perfect. And what are we
getting started with? So, the first thing
we’re gonna do is an infused olive oil. But I would like you
to sample these so you know what you’re dealing
with stirring wise. I think I can do that. Okay, cool. And this is a super
lemon haze, and this is a tall phenotype. Let’s have a look at
some of the buds, and these are nice and fluffy
buds too, I’m noticing. Yeah.
Like, they’re very like rustic looking. Yeah. Is that like something
you guys try to go for when you’re growing them? Yes.
And so, would each one of
these be infused with a different
type of oil or fat? Basically, when you’re
making the butter or an olive oil,
you can use any fat. You can use duck fat
if you wanted to. I’ve used bacon grease. It’s delicious. I bet.
How did you like that? So it’s really good,
and it actually tastes a little bit
different than it smells. It has more of like,
a little bit more fruitiness than you
would have guessed from the smell of that. Awesome, this stuff
looks really good. Fun things. Can we get started
making some infusions? Yeah, absolutely,
absolutely. Yeah?
All right, let’s do it. Now, this is so simple. We’re gonna create
an at-home double boiler. We’re gonna fill
the water up to about three-quarters
of the way. So this is coming
up to temperature. We’re gonna do a half
a cup of olive oil. Okay, for five grams or
eight grams? Eight grams.
Eight grams. Yep.
And usually the temperature,
you wanna bring it up to about two or
three degrees. It’s gonna get up
there shortly, you know what I mean? All right. So now we’re gonna
weigh this guy. Figuring out the eight
grams is what we need. And we’re not
grinding that stuff? We’re just cooking it? We’re gonna grind it
up with our fingers. Oh, okay. Cool. Awesome. You want to be able
to smell it, right? Yeah. A little combination of
flavors on my fingers. Do you smell that? Do you smell that? Yeah. It’s almost like
a key lime pie. Yeah. That’s great. You guys have
the variety and like the options to do
that stuff out here. In so many part of
the country people they’re like, you want
good weed or bad weed? That’s the two options. Right. So now I pull water
up to temperature. We’re going to add
in the bad material. So this olive oil’s not
even really simmering? It’s just warm?
Not yet. It’s getting there. It’s getting there. Oh, I love how it
just soaks into it. It totally just looks
like a herb, you know? That is. It is. Now with infusing the
olive oil you wanna do it for an hour,
no more, no less. The reason why
we’re doing it for an hour, is because not
only are you going to be activating all
the cannabinoids inside of the flower
that we’re using. You’re also going to be
releasing and harnessing all the terpenoids and
flavonoids, so the flavors of that
specific strain. If you go over that time,
and some people do, you’ll notice it’s
a darker butter. Or a darker olive oil. Darker does not
mean better. All it means is that
first thing cooked out all of the chlorophyll. Okay so that’s still got
the same amount of THC. Yes.
All of the other chemical You just bleached out all of
the chlorophyll and that’s why your butter
tastes acrid to your palate,
meaning it’s bitter. So what would happen
if you just like plucked a bud off
the plant, you know, and threw it in there. That would be a no-no. When cooking olive
oil you wanna make sure that the buds
are perfectly cured. If there is any moisture
inside the buds it’s actually gonna
release water into your olive oil. Which, when poured into
a jar or a container of some sort, once you close
that, it’s gonna become aerobic environment,
meaning little creatures from the water are gonna
start growing. And they’re gonna
create botulism. Botulism kills you. So if you’re
gonna be making any sort of edibles, you’re gonna have to
do it with cured bud. Yes.
Everything must be cured for
the optimal cooking. So this looks like it’s
just about ready, huh? Yeah. You are right. It is ready to go. So we’re gonna
strain it now. Fine mesh strainer
is the best way. Whoa. See how much
darker it is now? Yeah it’s green. And do you see all the little sea monkeys
on the bottom? Yeah.
That’s all your beautiful keef. So those are just
crystals floating around in there? Yep.
It’s just crystals. Awesome. Okay so now this is
ready to cook with? Which course is this
oil gonna be used in? Which dish that
we’re gonna see now? So this is gonna be used
for the beginning course. So the bruschetta and then we’re gonna move
to the second course. We’re gonna have a nice
mixed green salad with some citrus
vinaigrette. And they’re gonna do
again another traditional Italian dish
which is gonna be eggplant parmesan. And at the end, we’re
gonna serve the keef with a Mexican
hot chocolate. There’s a little bit of
a dose with every course. Yes.
It’s gonna be building. that we’re going through,
right? Now.
And by the end of it
everyone’s just gonna be- Gonna be happy. So you’re gonna feel
like you’ve had a nice 50 milligrams. All right.
So time to slice eggplants? Yes. Cool.
I’m gonna give you a hand if that’s okay. I would love that. I’d love that.
Okay. Cool. Oh. Oh, looks like we’ve
got some company. Someone’s here. Thank you. Hey, welcome in you guys. Come on in. How are you doing man? Good welcome in. Nice to see you. You too. Abdullah.
Abdullah nice to see you. Nice to see you again. THC. Hey what’s up good
to see you again. How’s everyone doing. Good. Hey welcome. You guys hungry? Yes. I think you-
I’d love some help. So all you need to do
is just slice them and try to make them equal. So like about that? Yeah.
If you don’t chop my finger off. Everyone had very
little confidence in my cutting abilities. You’re doing a great job. Thank you. Those are just
the little known things. Everyone feel free to
encourage me more. Yeah, we’re here for
moral support. Keep going. Keep going. You don’t suck. So what’s next? So basically we’re
gonna have two different sauces. One medicated, one non. We’re gonna top off
the one sauce with a fourth of a cup. So this is half the oil
that you cooked, right? So this is like four
grams worth of weed? Yeah. All right so
that’s ready. Okay, so we build
So now we’re building, we’re building. So now we’re making
the bruscetta. It’s just you know
a baguette nice melody of fresh basil and
cheese and tomatoes. So there’s weed
oil in here. Not yet.
Okay. There’s gonna
be in a second. We’re gonna put
in a tablespoon. Okay, cool. And how much weed is in
a tablespoon of this? So, in a tablespoon
0.25 grams. So, and this is the
finished super lemon haze bruscetta. Wow.
That’s phenomenal. That’s amazing. You didn’t put any
other lemon in here besides
the lemon haze? I can taste that lemony. It’s really
citrusy right. Thank you. Bravo. This course
was a success. Yes that was delicious.>Thank you. So, our next
course is going to be the eggplant parmesan. We have some fresh
spring salad and we have a medicated
citrus, lemon, poppy-seed
dressing. There we go. Suck on it.
Here. It’s medicated. Don’t let it go to waste. Guests first juice. We talked about
this seed. I know.
There’s somewhere a hole and I never-
You gotta go to the. It’s a pretty
simple salad but the dressing adds
a lot to it. You know what I mean? Definitely. Is anyone feeling
the first course yet? A little bit at all? A little bit for me. They were feeling from
the bruscetta, you know? Yes. That’s why I
mentioned it. But I’m feeling
something here. A little more high
than I was before. You’re the only one that
got the medicated one. No kidding. Elaborate thing. Well, bummer for
you guys. All right so what have
got in this one again? This is a super
lemon haze. And it was infused
with a basic olive oil. Yeah, yeah so this is
the one with oil and yeah you don’t taste
it right at the front. Again, it reminds me of the salad dressing
a little bit. You sort of get it
on the back and once all the other
flavors clear away you get this you know smoky
cannabis like flavor. Right.
You know what I mean. Long story short. Food is amazing. Weed’s amazing. She’s beyond amazing. Agreed. Hear hear, and if I’m
not mistaken there’s one more course right. Yeah we have
dessert coming up. Okay awesome. We’re gonna have
authentic Mexican hot chocolate already
using Alaskan ice hash that I extracted
off the stem. So Jessica, how long do
you heat the milk and at what temperature. Hash has already
been activated, you don’t have to really
worry about temperature. But we are going to bring
the milk up to a boil, then bring it back down, then we’re gonna melt
the chocolate in there. Okay.
Isn’t that the standard procedure for-
Yes. Okay. That’s not your
particular method? No it was standard. Okay, I’ve been making
it wrong for years then. Yeah you’re
starting to fill the edibles a little. Oh yeah, totally. And what else is
gonna go in here? So you got the cinnamon,
the vanilla seeds. You know you’ve got
the chili powder. And what’s next? Chocolate. And then we’re gonna add
the keef individually. So how much keef is
going into each mug? So it’s about a quarter
of a teaspoon. And so that’s gonna round
out all the medicated stuff we had tonight? Yes.
Absolutely. And it’s kinda perfect. There’s a fat joint
sitting over there. All right, so these
are already to go right? Yep. Yep. Awesome. Who wants hot chocolate? I do. The crowd goes wild. Right. All right, let’s do this. Oh, whoa, that’s amazing. So this is definitely
one of those amazing experiences that
I think any pothead would
be envious of. And you know, Jessica
really went all out and provided a really
high end, cannabis infused meal. I think that’s
the fanciest edibles experience I’ve ever had. And I’m just mellowing on
bites from the last bit of that meal and
the hot chocolate. And I’m smoking some of
this joint right here. So I’m feeling
pretty good. I’m about 10,000 miles
in elevation right now. Think it’s the highest
I’ve ever been high, and I think I’m gonna have
a pretty good evening. Oh, shit.

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  15. key thing he said.. was SLOWLY blow it out… I like to hold mine but he is right if you blow it out slow it does better and fully expand your lungs critical weed NEWS yalll

  16. yo dude when you cut stuff. use your knuckle as a guide so you don't cut your finger off and it lets you get that good grip you need my stoner guy…. btw yessss im very jealous lol u lucky asssssholllllee

  17. Abdullah has the perfect job . When I was his age it was illegal to smoke , and would get fired from your job as well as being looked down to as a druggy . Man you kids have it easy . I used to walk up hill both ways in the snow to get to school when I was your age , with no cell phone ?

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