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CLEAREST WATER on Planet Earth?

CLEAREST WATER on Planet Earth?

– [Mark] Ahh, was that graceful? About to go snorkeling
in the Silfra fissure. Some of the clearest water
visibility in all the world. (gulps) Iceland. (tribal music) Hi everybody, I’m Mark Vins and welcome to a very special
edition of On Location. One that features just me, the director of the
Brave Wilderness channel and also the host of– (record scratches) Oh, I’m not allowed
to say that yet? – [Man] Nope! – Okay, more on that later. For now, I’m just the director of the Brave Wilderness channel but some of you
might also know me as the guy who
often asks Coyote… You alright, what
are you feeling? – Ahh! – [Mark] You alright? You alright man? – Ahh! – I read the comments, guys. Yeah, that guy. But for those of you out there that have no idea who
I am, hi, I’m Mark, and I’m the one
who’s been filming the adventures with Coyote
Peterson you’ve been watching for the past four years. In that time, we’ve gotten
all kind of questions about how we do our productions and how we make videos for
the Brave Wilderness channel. In an effort to answer
some of those questions, I thought, hey, why not
get in front of the camera, do some base camps,
do some on locations, and hopefully shed light
on all things production surrounding the Brave
Wilderness channel. To kick things off, let’s start with one of the most common
questions that we often get which is “Guys, how do
you pick which location “you’re actually
going to explore?” That’s one of those questions that truthfully
has many answers. But one of the ways that we
pick where we’re gonna visit is that I actually
go ahead of the team to scout the
location in advance. I could just tell you about this but I thought it sure would
be a whole lot more fun to take you guys with
me out in the field to show what one of these
adventures is actually like. Recently, I got to visit
the country of Iceland. Iceland is one of the
most amazing places that I have ever
visited, bar none. Honestly guys, it’s
a place that I wanted to visit since I
was a little kid. So I’m super excited that
this is one of the first pre-production videos that I’m
going to share with you guys. So without further ado,
let’s get out of this studio and head into the
field and check out what kind of cool Icelandic
adventures I discovered. Iceland, a country sprawling
with dramatic landscapes and explosive volcanic terrain. A place that truly
embodies the meaning of the word adventure
with every vista and every step forth
on its craggy soil. That’s a volcano. Just erupted eight years ago. For me, this would
be my first visit to the Nordic island nation
that is far more green than it’s northern
neighbor of Greenland. However, this would be
no traditional adventure, it was a solo mission. My goal? To scout further
expeditions and adventures for Coyote and the crew. A mission I have led myself
many times in the past. Remember those
dinosaur footprints? Yep, I found those
months earlier on a scouting expedition
in southern Utah. But now, because of advancements
in camera technology, I can take you with
me on these exciting and often unexpected adventures. Here we go, it’s time
to go snorkeling. In freezing water,
let’s do this. While on my Icelandic journey, I explored places like
the Valley of Thor, rode Icelandic horses,
and even got to visit a world famous spa,
the Blue Lagoon. I still don’t know
what that is on my face but hey, everyone was
doing it, so why not? Anyways, there’s one
particular adventure on this expedition that I simply
couldn’t wait to show you. That being my journey
into the icy waters of the Silfra fissure. The fissure itself
is a by-product of the North
American and Eurasian tectonic plates drifting apart, leaving in their
wake multiple rifts that fill with some of the
purest water on the planet. Alright, guys, about
to go snorkeling in
the Silfra fissure. Some of the clearest water
visibility in all the world and actually, one
of the only places that you can dive
between two continents. Literally we are
standing in the fissure that separates Eurasia and
North America right now and we’re gonna go diving
in a natural spring. It’s very cold, we
definitely don’t want water getting inside our suits because it’s around two degrees
Celsius, just above freezing. It’s gonna be pretty awesome. We’re about to go get
our snorkel gear together and get in, so let’s go. (Mark groans) Was that graceful, look good? No, okay. Well, it’s gonna keep me warm
so that’s what’s important. As I walked down the
steps of the platform, a nervous anticipation
started to set in. Entering 36 degree
Fahrenheit water isn’t something I
tend to do everyday. I mean, this water is only
four degrees above freezing. Safe to say, it doesn’t
get much colder than this. So guys, my sister’s
helping us out today. Say hi to everybody, Yvette. She came by to Iceland with me, so she’s the cameraman today. Here we go. We’re gonna go snorkeling
in the Silfra fissure. Time to get in. As I plunged into the water, my face was instantly met
with a stinging sensation. The shock distracted
me, but then suddenly, an explosion of color. This landscape was
absolutely surreal. Something straight
out of the pages of a science fiction novel. And to top it all off, the
water was 100% crystal clear. It was nearly unbelievable. The visibility in the
fissure on a good day is said to extend
well beyond 300 feet. And I think we can all look
at this footage and confirm that that is definitely true. I could see now why so many
people with a fear of heights have issues with
this experience. It literally felt as if
nothing was between me and the bottom of the fissure. In fact, the sensation
was actually closer to that of flying than
it was to swimming. That is, until I tried to
actually kick with my fins. The dry suit, while
providing life-saving warmth and insulation, made it
nearly impossible to move. The buoyancy it created
restricted my movements so much that, to a large degree, I
was only able to move forward by the assistance
of the current. However, I will say
this lack of mobility actually allowed me to relax
and enjoy the experience as a whole and really
take in all the color and spectacular scenery. Sometimes, it’s nice to
just be along for the ride. So how does a place like the
Silfra fissure come to exist? As it turns out,
Iceland sits smack dab on the Mid-Atlantic
Ridge, which is formed by the separation of
the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. In Thingvellir National
Park, the separation of these plates expands
nearly one inch every year. But over the course
of millions of years, it has created fissures,
which are filled by a natural aquifer
and glacial meltwater from the surrounding peaks. This water moves
slowly, very slowly. In fact, in can take up to
nearly 100 years to travel and filter itself through
the porous volcanic soil, making it some of the
purest H2O on the planet. It is so pure, you can literally
drink the water around you as you swim through the fissure. And yes, I definitely
tried it out. – Woo, well, the water is cold. But I can tell you
guys this is, by far, the clearest visibility
I have ever encountered. And oh, by the way… (gulps) The water’s delicious. It’s about the purest water
that you could ever drink. It is one of those scenarios
where you can drink the water. It’s pretty awesome. (gulps) Iceland. While it is delicious,
it is actually the purity and frigid temperature
of the water that helps to create
the vivid colors and the landscape
of this environment. As I continued to drift along, I couldn’t help but
dream of coming back to dive this location
with the team. My imagination was
literally running wild, trying to picture what
the scene must be like from the bottom of the fissure. And I was also
beginning to wonder what else might live down there. Is there something down there
besides algae and troll grass? But just as I started
to consider the idea of taking a free
dive to find out, I noticed the
battery on my GoPro, which was full 20 minutes
prior, was now at only 1%. Woo, wow guys, the
water is so cold that it’s literally draining
the life out of this GoPro. But before it dies,
I just want to say that getting to snorkel
in the Silfra fissure here in Iceland has to
be one of the coolest experiences I have ever done. I’m Mark Vins, be
brave, stay wild. We’ll see ya on
the next location. Woo, this water’s cold! Ah, just seeing that
footage makes me wanna go grab my dive gear,
jump on an airplane, head back to Iceland, and
get down there to explore the depths of those fissures. I can only imagine how cool
it looks from the bottom. Unfortunately, we are
going to have to wait a little bit longer for
that adventure, guys. That was just a
scouting mission, but I can 100% guarantee you
that Coyoto, Mario, and myself will be heading back to Iceland on an epic adventure very soon. Well I hope everyone enjoyed
this behind-the-scenes peak of the Silfra fissure
and just what it takes to location scout productions
for Brave Wilderness. Did you guys like this video? Do you want to
see more of these? Tell me about it in the
comments section below and don’t forget, please
ask me questions, guys. Who knows, maybe I’ll pick yours to answer on the
next On Location. If you enjoyed this
scouting expedition, make sure to go back to go
back and watch the video that resulted from my discovery
of those dinosaur tracks. And don’t forget to
subscribe so you can join me and the rest of the crew
on our next location. (wolf howls)

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