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Cheerios! | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Cheerios! | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

It’s hard to find
a great-tasting breakfast that won’t raise
my cholesterol. Did somebody ask
for a tasty breakfast?! Wow!
Ohh! Nothing beats the taste
of oats and honey! It’s gr-r-r-r-r-eat! What the [bleep]?!
Aah! No! No! Oh, my God, no! This can’t be happening! It’ll be okay, bee.
You’ll be okay. Yeah, yeah.
I’ll be okay. I’ll just…
[ Groans ] [ Groans, screams ]
[ Riiiiiiiiip! ] Whoa! Ohh!
Ohh! Oh, man! It’s so cold. Oh, my heart —
I can feel it slowing down. Oh. Oh, it stopped.
I’m — I’m so scared. [ Both crying ] Honey Nut Cheerios has oats that’ll help lower
cholesterol — part of this
nutritious breakfast.

100 thoughts on “Cheerios! | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim”

  1. Anyone wondering what happened to the bee, when a bee stings you it is hard to get the stinger out, and if they can’t wiggle it out they have to pull it out with their insides.

  2. Actually bees will slowly spin to help get th stinger out with its body of a bed stings you let it slowly wiggle its way out.

  3. Actually, bees don't ALWAYS die from stinging something. If you leave a bee that's stung you alone, it can usually take time to slowly work the stinger out of you and will fly off completely fine.

  4. Would it have been better to have just stayed stuck to the kid. I know it’s basically like being stuck connected to a life support machine, but it’s better than dying

  5. Well that bee failed pretty hard because real bees if undisturbed will eventually get their stinger unstuck from the skin and go their way. They just get stuck in the first place because human skin is elastic and that screws up with their stinger

  6. I think this has taught us all a very important lesson, maybe have a bear for a mascot next time something that won't get killed so easily

  7. This makes me laugh because I just had Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast. Only thing is I didnt have a bee sting me and the bee didnt die in front my eyes lmao

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