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CGRundertow SHAUN WHITE SNOWBOARDING for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

CGRundertow SHAUN WHITE SNOWBOARDING for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

When I first loaded up this game, I was super
stoked and got very excited to play it. I had no idea Derek had his own snowboarding
game. Come to think of it, I didn’t know Derek was actually that into snowboarding.
And right when the I thought the game was going to allow me to crash Derek into every
object on the mountain, Shaun White has to come in and spoil all my fun. He even insults
you a little first, then tells you that you impressed him and he wants you to ride with
him. But first, he reveals a secret that I suspected all along, and that is snowboarding
is first about the fashion. You have have to gear up and then you take to the slopes. There are multiple mountains that you can
go to from the beginning. You can board in Park City, Alaska, Japan, or as Shaun explains,
somewhere in Europe. Each one has a very unique feel, and have plenty of goals for you to
accomplish. One of the interesting things about the game is that is takes place in a
open world… or mountain… open mountain world, that is completely yours to explore.
Unlike many other games in the genre, you don’t just start at the top and ride to
the bottom. There are ski lifts that take to back up, or you can even just unstrap your
bindings and climb up yourself. This solves the flaw in many snowboarding games in that,
if you miss a jump or item you don’t have to ride the whole mountain over again for
another chance. And there is plenty to do one these mountains.
Shaun’s consisting mostly of finding stuff hidden on the mountain while the course are
more little tournaments and point challenges. There is a lot to do, or you can just ride
around, explore and get major air. And you will do this with an interesting control
scheme that works surprisingly well. R2 is you jump button and when you are in the air
your grabs are controlled with the right analog stick. Depending on what direction you point
it determines what trick you pull. This leaves the other buttons for more interesting actions,
like throwing snowballs. My only problem is forward makes you go faster but changes to
flips in the air, causing you to do some accidental frontflips, but you’ll adapt. Derek snowboarding, sorry, Shaun White snowboarding
is a pretty enjoyable snowboarding game, with some great mountains, easy controls, and the
most freedom I’ve ever had on a mountain. Strap in and take the ride.

28 thoughts on “CGRundertow SHAUN WHITE SNOWBOARDING for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review”

  1. Read, my friend.
    Stoked: Big Air =/= Big Air. The former title is a 360 game, while the latter is a PS1 game.

    Also, the new SSX sucks, but not as bad as Big Air, but pretty damn close.

  2. My god, the landing in this game seems extremely forgiving… If this were 1080 or Shaun Palmer, he would have been eating snow after every bit of air that he got

  3. Nice! This is the most positive review I've seen or read of this game! The rest whine about it, and never tell you about the benefits of the open world mountain structure, like this review did.

  4. I wish someone would bring back Amped. Where the fuck have all the snowboarding games gone? I'm getting sick of shooters.

  5. Cool Boarders 2 for the PS1 is still the best snowboarding game ever. I loved unlocking and playing as Gray, the endless slope was one of the best features ever.

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