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CES 2020: Alpine iLX-F411 11-inch digital media receiver | Crutchfield

CES 2020: Alpine iLX-F411 11-inch digital media receiver | Crutchfield

Hey, this is JR here in the Alpine booth
at CES 2020, and what we’re looking at here is the new iLX f-411, or as I’m
gonna call it, the Halo 11. Two years ago when I was here, Alpine showed me the
first I had ever seen modular screen stereo, so there is a
single-DIN chassis behind this screen with a nine-inch screen on the Halo 9
that they debuted two years ago. I was just out at the rest of the floor at CES,
and I’ve seen the lots of other car stereo companies making similar stereos
with that sort of floating, large nine-inch, 10-inch screen. Alpine thought, you
know, we’ve we started this whole idea of the modular floating screens,
let’s go ahead and up the ante. That’s why this is an 11-inch screen, so it’s
probably the biggest screen you can get in a car stereo, and you can fit it in
almost any car because it fits into a single-DIN opening. So pretty
impressive. It’s everything that Halo 9 was and is,
except with a bigger screen. So it’s Sirius XM ready, Apple CarPlay, Android
Auto it’s got iDatalink Maestro capabilities, you can customize the
software in it so it looks and feels the way you want it to. It’s super fast and
responsive, that’s one of the surprising things with a screen this big. It takes a
good processor to make it respond to your touch instantly, and it is always
super fast, so the performance on this thing is amazing as well. So if you like
the idea of the Halo 9 but it just wasn’t big enough for you, Halo 11 is the
answer to that. it’s the iLX-F411, we think people are going to be
pretty excited about this one. I’m JR at CES 2020, thanks so much for watching.

4 thoughts on “CES 2020: Alpine iLX-F411 11-inch digital media receiver | Crutchfield”

  1. I do not know why in 2020 and a new product Come with WVGA (800×480 , 84.81 ppi )!!!! Do they not know any other resolution? such as 1280×720 or 1920×1080.

  2. WVDA?!?!?! It is iffy on the 9' model. I know because I own it. I would only imagine that the 11" display would compound that problem. I was really hoping to see a 1080 display in the Halo9 at CES. Maybe next year.

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