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CCM Tacks Goalie Skates // On-Ice Review with Matt from CCM // Montreal

CCM Tacks Goalie Skates // On-Ice Review with Matt from CCM // Montreal

What’s going on goalies? This is Chris with
Total Goalie. We’re here in Montreal to give you an in depth look at the new CCM Tacks
Goalie Skates. Let’s take a look. Alright, we’re here at the Hockey Etcetera
ice rink, this is Matt. He’s the goalie product manager for CCM. And this is Paul. He’s gonna
be testing out the skates for us today. So, Matt, what can you tell us about the new Tacks
skates? If we look at the boot, we have our Power
Rom composite quarter package. Really offers that stiffness profile to maximize energy
transfer in every single power push. We also have the D30 Foam technology. That
really maximizes comfort level and avoid lace bite while you’re leaning into your forward
position. You can see that we have a symmetrical flex
contour. That is that softer edge on the inside to allow goalies to reach a better angle of
attack. We have what we call our Tack strap system.
So, that’s really for goalies that would want to put their boot strap on the heel position
instead of underneath the heel. So, could you explain a little bit more about
the cowling and the blade? Yeah, sure, so what we have is our low curve
cowling. So what Lo-curve cowling is, is basically you have a little bit more aggressiveness
on the inside of the goal skate. Again, to maximize your angle of attack. We’ve reinforced
the toe. A lot of goalies now are putting a lot more toe loose on the front of their
pad, and therefore the skate get exposed a lot more. So, we want to make sure that we
have the strong durability in order to receive those hard shots. If we move to the blade, it’s our ProLite
G Black Steel. So, it’s a coated steel to offer greater edge and also longer edge. The
Ribcor will offer more of a narrow forefront fit, and the Tack will offer more of a medium
fit. If you move to the back, this is your form fitted quarter package on the Tack. Really
to shape around your ankle and your heel. As oppose to the CCM Ribcor, that achieve
that with the pump system as well as the lace lock. In terms of stiffness, your CCM Tacks is a
much stiffer boot construction. Really to maximize energy transfer to the ice. As opposed
to Ribcor, which is a really more softer, more flexible boot construction to maximize
comfort out of the box. Well, you guys can find the CCM Tacks goalie
skates and the CCM Ribcor goalie skates at Make sure you give us a thumbs
up if you liked the video. Subscribe to our channel to see more, and leave a comment and
let us know what you think. Appreciate it.

15 thoughts on “CCM Tacks Goalie Skates // On-Ice Review with Matt from CCM // Montreal”

  1. i love my Eflex 2 setup but these are such a copy of the Bauer reactor cowling and even the ludy loop really , only difference is the D3O for lace bite….

  2. Looking to get some new pads, Probably won't get pro pads because I am not done growing. What would you recommend? My current pads are the Warrior Ritual G2s. I really liked the pads except that they didn't give me the best five hole coverage. I used to have Reebok P4's and I really loved them. So I am leaning currently towards the CCM Premiers but the Warrior Ritual G3s and the Sub-zero 7.0 are in the mix too. Any suggestions?

  3. I have bauer totalone NXG skates and hate them. My feet are sometimes in pain after 20-30 minutes, and they screech a lot. Should I go with the Ribcore or the Tacks.

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