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CCM Super Tacks Skates // On-Ice Review with JS from CCM // Montreal

CCM Super Tacks Skates // On-Ice Review with JS from CCM // Montreal

What’s up guys it’s Derek from Total Hockey.
We’re here in Montreal as special guests of CCM. With me I have JS. He’s the CCM skates
product manager and I’m going to be testing out the CCM Super Tacks skates. You tried them on, what do you think? Well, first of all they felt a lot lighter
and then as far as the fit goes I’ll tell you a little about what I’ve been doing in
the past. I wear them back at home for a week or so. I let one of my players wear them and
he put them on and the first thing he said was they felt like socks out there. It was
like I wasn’t wearing anything that’s how light they felt and that’s how close they
are to the feet. So, I’m definitely feeling that as well and it seems like something that
you can only benefit from when you’re on the ice playing. So the first feature that everyone notices
is the monoframe boot construction. Do you want to tell us about that first? It’s a one-piece boot frame and it’s a one
piece boot frame that’s completely heat moldable- around, underneath and over to be
perfectly tailored to the players fit. There’s nothing interrupting the power you’re generating
from your body down to the skate. No negative space, no empty space between your foot and
the skate again, really all about customized fit for that hockey player. Would it be fair to say that you’re removing
some excess materials too and then redistributing weight to make it, you know, perform more
efficiently and protect more effectively? That’s exactly right. The fact that we removed
an outsole and we actually have one seamless boot that allows us to take off all the materials
that were between what was a typical skate construction. So there’s a lot of glue there,
there are nails, there’s an outsole, there’s a ton of materials that are basically interrupting
the energy transfer that the player is attempting to get out of the skate. JS can you tell me about the liner, it looks
similar to what the Jetspeeds are using. That’s correct, we’re using our total dry
liner in this skate. It’s a material that wicks away moisture very very well. Allows
the moisture to evaporate so that your skates feel light at all times and don’t feel like
they’re weighing you down and then soaking up water. I can see we’re using the SB 4.0+ which is
a little bit taller than in years past, correct? That’s correct. With this holder you have
a little bit more height. That allows a player like you to be able to make a tight turn,
a very much proven holder for us and then we added our speed blade black. Which is a
stainless steel blade that’s been oxidized and therefore it creates this black coating
and that hardens the steel, gives you a little bit more bite with every turn allows you to
have a longer edge life so every premium feature really on this skate. You can find the CCM Super Tacks skates at
a Total Hockey store near you or at Total Hockey dot com. As always, don’t forget to
hit the like button and subscribe to our channel. JS, thanks again for stopping by and telling
us about these guys. Alright, thanks you guys.

44 thoughts on “CCM Super Tacks Skates // On-Ice Review with JS from CCM // Montreal”

  1. Is the last for a slightly wider foot like previous Tack model? Also, how does fit compare to Makos or VH Footwear?

  2. I have had a lot of fit problems as my foot is flat wide and a high instep , would these be good option and will they have a high volume fit?

  3. will there be a 300 $ price point for these skates? and would these or jetspeed have a more similar fit to supreme.?

  4. i have the bauer vapour apx2 right now. i was thinking about switching over to ccm. I'm looking for the skate that provides the best straight away speed. super tacks or jetspeed? suggestions Total Hockey?

  5. Would a total hockey store be able to install marsblade rollerblades onto a hockey skate boot? I'm going to buy marsblades for off ice but don't have a rivet machine to take of old holder/steel and install marsblades.

  6. +Total Hockey is there going to be super tacks protective gear? Also when does the super tacks stick come out?

  7. +total hockey why is there no jr bauer 1x pants? I was looking online and they dont have them in my size.

  8. I don't know which ones to go with, either JetSpeed or Tacks. I'm looking for comfort and speed as well as protection. Can u help me out?

  9. So is this a DEEP High Volume boot like the Nexus 1N? I have that normal heel but wide forefoot, so I would prefer a deeper fitting boot.

  10. Hey crew! Im trying to figure out my size in Super Tacks before I order online. I'm in an 8.5EE Bauer 1X with Superfeet and Powerfoot inserts. I plan to stay with the superfeet and the powerfoot inserts too. Is there much difference between the D and EE fit and is there anything else I need to consider? Cheers. L.

  11. I just tried a pair on at a nearby shop today, and they were the most comfortable skates I've ever put on. I was completely blown away by how well they fit. I only wish I could afford the $900 price tag.

  12. if I wear these instead of the riedell rentals will I still suck ? I can kind of get around but they hurt like hell and the blade like vibraates back and forth, this is because i'm not good at all i've literally only been once, but I wwas thinking that getting these would make me better, and I would have a lot funner instead of not havin gmuch control and almost plowing into kids. Thank you

  13. Man I miss the Old Easton S17, S17 boots They were one piece and man they fit like a glove. They just had not perfected the materials like today. I would like to see this boot have the low profile round toe like the old Eastons too. I don't like or need all that room in a SQUARE toe box!!! BRING them back!!!

  14. Great video! Did you have the SB Black runners profiled before you shot this video, or were you using the stock 10’ profile (i think) out of the box?

  15. I'm fortunate that CCMs don't fit my feet…emailed their customer service about trying to buy product that i couldn't find in stores…CCM never replied back. Sent a letter to the President and again, no reply. This is how they treat their customers. If you care about service, do yourself a favor and go to Bauer. Heard of much better customer service stories. For low to mid end skates, I also hear Bauer skates offer more value (though top end Bauer/CCM are probably about the same). Just bought some Bauer Nexus skates and they're solid (wanted Vapors or Supremes but the Nexus fit me the best)

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