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Cayden Primeau on adapting from NCAA to AHL

Cayden Primeau on adapting from NCAA to AHL

You know, coming from the USHL to college was a jump and having that experience of stepping up a level of play is going to help me out a lot. I know it’s going to be challenging, but at the same time, I’m confident and I feel ready. The mental side of things was definitely the biggest thing. Just trying to shape the way I think. My biggest thing right now is trying to prove Montreal right and not trying to prove anyone else wrong. I don’t try to look too far ahead into anything, so I haven’t put any pressure on the season or camp or anything. [Cross-ice, what a stop by Primeau! Read the play and he stoned Coleman.] Yeah, I definitely want to get stronger. So that was a point of emphasis in my training off the ice, and then on the ice I think skating can always use improvement. The best advice I’ve received is to probably not worry about what anyone else is thinking. Especially as a goalie, especially in a market like this. They’re so passionate and they want to see you have success but they’re demanding and they want success, so they’re going to make sure that you play to the best of your ability. Definitely as a goalie, trying to stay even keel, not get too high or too low. Just remain in the present. Practice is where you get better and when it comes to game time, just go out and play.

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