100 thoughts on “Carving – How to Carve on Skis – Advanced Ski Lesson #6.2”

  1. I have been working hard on learning to ski the last several years. I ski with some super duper experts. I've gotten a lot better but seem to have hit a plateau. I cannot put my skis on edge. This video lesson was excellent. I am going to put the advice it contains to work as soon as the mountains open. With any luck at all it will help me continue to improve. Thank you!

  2. I feel like when i try to do this on a thinner sort of trail when I do this I'm gonna fall of the side so then I just keep going more and more vertically down the hill since it feels more natural and then I end up going to fast and there's an icy part on the trail so I panic and tumble over my self and end up getting injured

  3. Guys, if I am able to get up to this lesson with my ski Racetiger RC titanium – I would like to get some advice from expert – am I able to get down with these type of skis with average speed on 40% slopes.. 🙂 Or either way I have to be skiding or go fast like crazy.. 🙂 And also, I am ending my skiing session absolutelly exhausted, when others even girls just go out. 😀 I am really wandering, if my ski´s were right choice for me – but I just love that name, and looks! 😀

  4. Finally some real carving.
    There are so many hockey stop carving videos on Youtube.
    Thank you for showing some real carving.

  5. Hey Ski school, i got a question on carving: i can already do nice and edged turns, for me, it feels like i´m kind of carving (lack of practice, going in two weeks ^^) but the pressure is like almost only on my outside leg, my inside ski is not edging, i feel like i could just lift it without any change (there would be change, but you no what I mean). am i doing it right? if not, any tips? you make the best training videos and i hope you can help me!

  6. Darren, is it a Stoeckli Laser CX ski you have got ? Looks like a very nice ski. I am considering buying a pair of good skis and looking into the Stoeckli, although they are expansive. Would you recommend the new Stoeckli Scale Skis ? I am a woman, not a very big one, and I'd like a versatile ski, light, easy to ski, refined, precise.. but also able to be stable on piste when I speed up.

  7. and congratulations for your videos, these are just the best ski lessons I have ever had. And I dont wear carving underwear.

  8. I managed continuous carved turns in Pila this last season. You do have to be confident that your skis won't slide out from under you. Once mastered, the sensation is phenomenal! 🙂

  9. Do I apply even pressure on both skis? I saw some videos here on YouTube saying that, pressure should only be on your outside/downhill ski.  because,  apparently if you put even pressure on both skis, the skis won't bend enough to make you turn properly.  so, any advice guys?

  10. skis are much too wide apart…should not be shoulder width….i am a level four instructor here in Canada and I have never heard anyone suggest skiing with your feet shoulder width apart – sorry but have to give you a thumbs down

  11. I am close to being able to get my skis on edge but haven't quite gotten there yet. I skid my turns and can ski just about anywhere I choose, but I want to master this skill. This clip is very helpful! As I get better different parts of it resonate with me. thanks for putting it on the air!

  12. Yesterday, I did my first carve turns and I realized that for the most part, with carving, you just need to commit to it and not worry about falling over

  13. Watched 2 minutes of this video just before going out after 1 year of no skiing and it helped me a lot! Trusting was Important as you said. Got to trust the skis that you wont fall over. Brilliant video though thanks

  14. Great instruction.if you cant learn from this instructot you never will.He puts great emphasis in not trying to rush things .It remind me when people try and get a tan in a day,skiing is the same take your time and your skiing will develop just like a tan The fitter you are the quicker you will learn Thank you for this great video.

  15. I started learning ski this winter, and have skied 6 times so far. Now I am able to do parallel turn, but not sure why carving turn is so important.

  16. Wonderful video! Thanks for that! It helps me a lot. And I always remember the guy´s advice to "be patient". It´s very important to be patient, not to rush and do everything properly, and then succes comes.

  17. I'm about to start skiing tomorrow for the first time. Any tips for skiing from personal experiences? I've watched all videos up to lesson 6, but, I would like some extra pointers! :3

  18. Dear guys,
    I would like to say a great thank you for your online lessons.
    I came here in Maine (US) to ski as a newbie and thanks to your simple videos and guidance I was able to ski with confidence and to enjoy the wilderness in the small community ski club of Farmington, Maine. Spacial thanks to the teacher who shows with every little detail how the movements should be done for an effective performance. Amazing work!
    I would like to come and visit you some time in the future and learn more from you. Please, let me know which place you teach (I gather this is somewhere in central Europe).

  19. Can I ask can you only apply this technique on slopes with soft snow? In Australia many slopes are quite icy can you still carve to a point or is it all skid??? Thanks I have subscribed to Ski School I love this series it has helped me heaps!

  20. I feel that it's necessary to talk about uneven weighing of the skis and angulation when trying to carve. Too often, beginners are told to "just tip the skis" or "roll your knees". Well, if you just do that, you will fall on one side.

  21. I really can't understand the hype about carving. It's just one technique among many. In my view it's massively overrated, and is useless in the places where you have most fun.

  22. You forgot to mention that just rolling on your knees and ankles isn't all you have to do, you have to put more pressure on one ski than you do on the other to initiate a turn, depending on which direction your turning.

  23. Great videos. I spent a few weeks watching all the videos before a recent ski trip to the French Alps and there was a big improvement to my skiing.

  24. Very well explained. Not only does he explain it well, he demonstrates how to properly execute the turn. Also…check out his upper body and pole plant. They're perfect! Yes…big thumbs up. People pay big bucks to an instructor to learn this stuff. You get it here for free…

  25. He missed a huge part in learning to carve. It’s critically important to keep most pressure on the down hill ski. that at the end of it all allows for not only more trust, but an easier way to let the skis do the work and get the feel for carving.

  26. Christie christie Christie,,EXCELLENT POLYPROPYLENE; GO faster. LONGER longer COLORADO MNTNS; □□◇◇◇♡♡♡ abt 34 metatarsals,,; HAPPY THANKSGIVING

  27. Can anyone advise what happens to weight distribution when carving ? Is all the weight still on the outside ski or both- no refference to this here? Thank you

  28. Can somebody clarify should we be trying to use both edges or still maintaining more pressure on the down hill ski? Ie equal pressure on both or still predominantly the downhill ski just to be clear. Thanks

  29. Every novice skier should watch this video. Such an excellent explanation of the mechanics behind a carve…makes it so much easier to practice on the slopes.

  30. Wow we love your work and you explain carving and other things really simply. We take all your advice and will use it for when we go skiing again. WE LOVE SKIING SOOO MUCH!!! thank you!😂😂😂

  31. What is the advantage of carving like this vs. turning using the method of shifting your weight like in video 3.2?

  32. I'm 12 and I've been skiing for over 8 years now and I have never really gotten the hang on skiing. I have just realized that it isn't bad to fall, it has made me learn a lot.

  33. How to make the ski deform to "banana" shape?
    What applying side edge at the skis,
    How to make skis bend to "banana" shape at the same time?
    The Instructor never mentioned the technique for deforming skis in order tp form "banana" shape for initiating carving turn in the video.

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