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CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome – 2020 Snowboard Review

CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome – 2020 Snowboard Review

Hi, I’m Rob from Snowtrax. Here today to
talk to you about the Capita D.O.A. what do you need to know about the D.O.A that hasn’t
already been said before I mean this is a resort board from Capita that will go
anywhere do anything it’s their best-selling snowboard it’s hard to
really see what you can’t do on this snowboard there’s other boards in the
range that are more tuned towards the park there’s other boards more tuned
towards freeride this kind of sits slap bang in the middle it is a great board
that if you’re unsure what you’re gonna ride each day this will do everything
it’s got a lot of tech inside there you’ve got Kevlar and the sidewalls
carbon-fiber running throughout the board so it’s really poppy yeah like
really aggressive at times but the shape it’s quite versatile camber in the
middle for a predictability with a kind of blended shape at the tip and
tail that helps to ease those catch points but also give you a little bit of
lift when you do get into the softer snow but for riders that want to take a
more freestyle aspect to the mountain this is the perfect kind of all-around
tool for it. We’ve talked how it differs from saying
outer space which sits below it this has got a few more ingredients in to a reward
more advanced riders and to be able to be pushed harder. You’ll probably want to
see how it compares to the Super D.O.A which do have a look at that video and
we’ll go over that in a bit more detail but yeah in terms of versatility how the
board works for you, you just can’t really go wrong with this! It’s a super
nice snowboard to ride and one of our best-selling snowboards.

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