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Capita Defenders Of Awesome – 2019 Snowboard Review

Capita Defenders Of Awesome – 2019 Snowboard Review

I’m Rob from Snowtrax and this is the CAPITA Defenders of Awesome or DOA for short This is probably one of the most talked about snowboards at the moment is CAPITA’s bestseller and gonna have to be quick this season to grab one you’ll see a lot of stuff about it on the internet a lot of reviews so I’m just going to give you some feedback on how it rides and why feel of the board. it’s super versatile snowboard it has got a hybrid shape that is a bit more camber orientated into flat rock of zones at the tip and tail so if you want that forgiveness that’s where it comes in but you still get good driving points up to the tip and tail. I found that this board that the length of the the edge was super reliable is really assured can get to break away from a turn which enabled me to have a lot of confidence when taking it quick down piste this is actually a 156 about 511 65kg and what I found is this is a really good all-mountain length for me I say all-mountain length I would actually scale down a little bit to like 54 or even a 5 to it 5 riding an Oran Park but I find if I scale it down a little bit too much for those lengths, I’d lose a bit and float in the softer snow I quite like riding the DOA out of the park I’m not a huge park rider, there’s much better guys riding that type of terrain than me but when you take out the park this 56 is super adaptable for giving a bit more float the softer snow good reliability in the edge but if you do downsize and you want to slightly more park orientated ride like the 54/52 – you’ve got that extended length in terms of contact points gives really good positive feel if you are taking it out the park but it also means you can get full benefit of the swing weight of the board really lay the power down loading it into a carve into your sort of like into your jump. Yeah if you’re spinning off your toes or heels it’s just a nice reliable board for that I’m really really quick in the air as well so there’s a reason why it’s well loved it is one of the most versatile boards you can go and grab. yeah go and have some fun grab a DOA

5 thoughts on “Capita Defenders Of Awesome – 2019 Snowboard Review”

  1. I’m glad I found your video. I’m getting the DOA just couldn’t decide on the length, I’m 511 too 80kg. 156 it is ?

  2. i am buying it for my boyfriend and i can't decide on the length, please help. he's all mountain rider, 5'10, 155lb. Please help

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