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Capita Black Snowboard of Death – 2019 Snowboard Review

Capita Black Snowboard of Death – 2019 Snowboard Review

Hi, I’m Rob from Snowtrax and this is the Capita Black Snowboard of Death. It’s basically a coffin with a rocket strapped to it, it’s the best way of describing this board. It goes super quick and it’s fun. so straight away I’m picking it up it’s nice and light, plenty of maneuverability in this board. You really feel benefit of the hybrid shape. So we’ve actually got a slightly flatter tail and a slightly more lifted front into a camber zone underneath that so a real mix of what’s going on with the board that’s why we really term it “hybrid”. but ultimately what that does is it gives you the power and stability that you need with a float that you want. So the perfect all Mountain snowboard. Riding off piste on piste, super smooth super playful. I love to finish on this board you’ve got nice kind of like smooth it looks like shape into a nice gloss finish with this cool graphic going on really really gives the feel of premium board and when you add in all of the little extra’s it’s just like a super quick base all of the stuff that you can’t see inside the board really delivers a nice premium feel. As I say this is fantastic board to go and ride always have a lot of fun on this, super smooth down steep reds and blacks. floats in the powder CAPITA for me is always a freestyle brand but if you’re the type of rider that loves Capita we all love to go and ride powder then you need one of these. That’s where it comes into its own so for fans of Capita, fans a powder, go and get Black Snowboard of Death. And go and have some fun.

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