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CAN’T BELIEVE SHE SAID…| Vlogmas Day 2 Ice Skating Proposal ⛸

CAN’T BELIEVE SHE SAID…| Vlogmas Day 2 Ice Skating Proposal ⛸

found great good good good good and
mortals don’t lock starting off the day going to the gym we’re working out legs
today not my favorite this is a six week program mi40x my goal is to lose 15
pounds gaining muscle losing my distinction I like this machine I feel
like everyone’s staring at my butt even though that gym is empty
and I can’t feel my legs right now they’re jello this is the vanilla never
tried it way to the no achievement I was like birthday cake and I don’t like
vanilla shakes because they always taste funny that’s really good I like it
oh my god awesome workout lunch right now she’s my friend but in the gym we’re
not friends on to the next workout we’re getting rekt and snort we’re about
to get some omelets here guys I want all those budgets I want amount this is what
happens when you work out come on you’re good we are Matt alright guys so
yesterday we were here I was looking at the canon adb but right now we’re gonna
hold off on it okay so I do need a GoPro because I’m going ice skating tonight
look at the black the black is so nice squally on these GoPros are hung around
I just got a GoPro Hero seven guys it is the white it does not record a 4k for
the reason that I don’t edit in 4k now we are going home I need a nap I need to
rejuvenate and just ate a bunch of good food I worked on a bunch and we are
going ice skating I’m so excited look 3d you’ve got better business k
return Twitter on the chair on the I and they
they gave him a jacket me me Oh God

6 thoughts on “CAN’T BELIEVE SHE SAID…| Vlogmas Day 2 Ice Skating Proposal ⛸”

  1. What an amazing fun day ??? Loved the vlog! ? great job killing it in the gym….. I love my omelettes it’s been a favorite lately ? super yum ? can’t wait too see your improvement at the end of your challenge ☺️…… you will look amazing ? good job girl!

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