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Can Niek Deelstra Become the Next Speed Skating Icon? | Heroes of the Future

Can Niek Deelstra Become the Next Speed Skating Icon? | Heroes of the Future

I’m Niek Deelstra, I’m 18 years old and a I’m Dutch speed skater. I think it’s great, the
speed… My biggest dream is winning
gold in the Olympics, and, yeah, that’s really my
biggest dream. Well, speed skating is one of the biggest sports
here in Holland. Nowhere else in the world is speed skating such a big
sport than here in Holland. I think Niek can be one of
the best skaters of Holland, so if you’re one of the best
skaters in Holland, you are also one of
the best skaters in the world. I think the difference between
me and a normal boy of my age is more free time, but I like my life and I like
my speed skating that much, so I don’t want to switch
with a normal boy. The thing with speed skating is
that you can’t go all winter… I mean, all year speed skating, because the temperature
doesn’t allow it. That’s why we have to look
for alternatives. He was really, really young. He was, like, 12
when he started the program. He was a talented, strong kid. Discipline is really important
in speed skating. Right… You have to do a lot of
training, a lot of different training. You have to really
get to know yourself, get to know your body,
get to know your mind. Boo! ANNOUNCER: Three, two, one… Yeah! My brother is, as you know,
in a wheelchair. I need to help him a lot.
I do that with pleasure. Make him happy. Watch out, your head. When he was little, he had
cancer. Yeah. I like how he is now. It’s nice to do things
with my older brother. Niek is already skating really
fast, even though he is really young. He’s only 18 years old. He’s a really big talent, so he can be one of the
greatest skaters. He can go to the Olympics. Yeah, I play to win. I think that if you want
to become a good athlete, you need the “winner’s
mentality”. On your marks, get set, go to the Olympic Channel!

8 thoughts on “Can Niek Deelstra Become the Next Speed Skating Icon? | Heroes of the Future”

  1. Wow his story is so much similar to mine! I'm 18 years old and I do speed roller skating. Plus my older brother has a disability. But wish I had such a beautiful relationship with him. But of course I'm not an Olympic champion so I guess our lifes aren't so similar after all eheh

  2. 7th at Junior World Championships last year never mind senior championships. Seems like a nice kid but I think Gold in this 2018 Olympic is a bit of a stretch.

  3. You should do the same thing but in short track. Let me just save you some time- The next world champion is short track is Matieu Pelletier.
    He is a 12 year old and he does 2:33 in the 1500m

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