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everything that you’ve seen just one
more and there’s more stickers and there’s more stickers and there’s one
cap which is mind you don’t want to see Olá YouTube
my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a wheel addict I am back in South Africa after
10 days in Brazil well it was supposed to be 10 days in Brazil but on the way
back the plane was broken so it ended up
being 11 days but the last day was spent in the hotel just because anyway now
that I’m back there’s some people that I would like to say thank you after this
trip so that’s why I’m doing this video I really really enjoyed being in Brazil
it was super awesome for the first time to skate in South
America I had this idea that I was going to find a lot of skaters but let me tell
you it was way better than I expected for those days that I was in Brazil I
don’t know I think I skated with a lot more people than I expected every single
day I ended up skating with a different crew or with different people
the scene is huge in Brazil and I was only in one city which is some power so
the truth is I can’t wait to meet other cities in South America but now going to
the point why I’m doing this video like I said before I wanted to say thank you
to some people that helped me while I was in Brazil or that gave me some stuff
and now I want to say thanks that’s it so there’s this skate park in Brazil
called mega roller skate park I ended up making a video of me in roller skates
there the owner of that skate park is named store torment Irish tour maderas
owns the brand called hard head Akash so radically cash they make quad skates
and yes I am sponsored and I do work with the brand called kaya but how the
trade Akash also makes shoes so tor gave me these ones I love those and
I’ve been using them as you might be able to see them here but other than
that he also gave me these which I’m going to be using to make a pair of
custom rollerskates and again I do skate for kaya so and he also gave me these so
I can’t break from Brazil we treat new pairs of shoes I just find the other one
on that one yeah ego this is a dining shoe this is like dark grey with brown
love them I haven’t used these yet but I’ve been using these a lot three pairs
of shoes then one of the best street skaters from Brazil his name is kal-el
kal-el with pollito Calero is team valor Brazil and he’s good friends with Alex
Brosco and a few more of those big names of Street skating
kal-el as his own brand his own brand is called Baba CLE so this one wasn’t given
to me but I bought them because I like to support all these skating brands so I
bought this little fanny pack from Callao which on the inside I’ve been
using it too on the inside it as like some flowers and stuff I like it
stranded but I also bought this one for my wife so when we go skating can be the
funny back couple these two things so thanks kal-el for supplying it is
because these ones are our to find also tall from road ahead Akash gave me this
shirt that’s a roller skate with lots of words on the inside they say roller
skate and college credit cards there’s a lot of things saying there is like it’s
in the form of a roller skate then what else do I got here mega roller skate
park t-shirt let me see if I can notice it one mega roller skate park one shirt closet ready cars like I told you is a
roller skate brand Korea doesn’t make these yet these are roller Jam plugs
basically you take the toe stops on your roller skates and you put these on if
you use it for dancing I don’t dance on skates but my wife does so she’s gonna
be using these on the roller skates you see if you can see oh these are
basically just some really tiny toe stops and it’s not made of rubber it’s
made of a hard plastic so when the front of the roller skate touches the ground
it doesn’t get stuck so I got two colors purple and lime-green what else do we
got here also call this Vedic I kept I kept from mega roller skate park they
both trucker caps what else that’s an important one these ones
that’s that means a lot to me I made a video with this guy that invented the
trick called The Crow his name is Corvo Robson Corvo Corvo as his own image is
on brand and that’s someone doing a crow which is him he used to have Rasta so he
gave me these customized cap why is it customized so while I was in Brazil
basically I was staying in the flat on top of Corvo Corvo he lives on the first
floor and I was staying on the second floor so I used to skate and I used to
be with Corvo every day while I was in Brazil on those ten days and one of the
days cover asked me what’s your favorite number and I said five because it’s the
day that my daughter was born so he made this cap with his brand and with oh five
so thank you so much Corvo also Corvo gave me these socks and these socks also
f is branding they say Corvo which is CRO
in Portuguese and they have is branding here they’re like super high with two
red stripes and I can tank this guy enough for you for what it did while I
was in Brazil then I’m gonna keep this one for last
then there’s the there’s the skate crew in Brazil and noise
Kevon uberchaun I think that’s I said these guys that’s huge I love this shirt
it’s just so big check this it’s good it’s covering me it’s huge it’s like a
xxx or watch I love this shirt these size shirts so these guys they organized
they’ve been organizing a street event kind of like the IMO ITA basically it’s
battles of street skaters and they meet in these place I think it’s Bruce Shou
which is the place where they skate so they made his shirt about it’s hers that
stop in brochure or it’s her that fly in brush M which is the place where they
skate I love this it’s kind of like the ran DMC Run DMC shirt USD also made a
shirt with the with a logo looking like this I love it
I’ll be using it a lot for sure so thanks guys that was from Diego Molina
that guy can’t say thank you enough to these guys so again what else that’s a
cool one check these these these I think there’s another one if I’m not mistaken
and these wait these shirts these shirts are customized and they have my name in
the back and they say to to Gersh and they say rolling sports in the back and
they have the Brazilian flag in front so Tortugas Tortugas it’s the crew that
took me street scaly like not really Street skating urban skating at night
and they were bombing down hills I made a video about this crazy crew there was
Turkish they even made a cup for me and the cup has some picture and I’m in one
of the pictures so thank you so much for to you
like amazing that’s sick so they have these two triggers in line with the logo
for Facebook and Instagram so if you want to follow these guys it’s Tortugas
in line t ort UGA s in line so follow these guys on Instagram and Facebook so
what else do I have here let me see this okay that’s for a customer that I hadn’t
thought Africa so you don’t want to see this this is just a Kaiser advanced
invisible frame and I was sent to me by parse like my customers so you don’t
want that then these this is Cochin Koji is 80 years old maybe he’s able to or 83
I’m not sure I think he’s around 80 years old
he wrote this book II run the marathon two weekends ago with me and I’ve been
doing a little documentary we’d be at the blind girl that I made the marathon
with and when I went to film with Bo in one of my last days I met coaching koji
gave me this book I haven’t treated yet but I know that Easter is amazing
basically in just a few sentences what happened to this guy he started skating
when he was 50 years old and about five six years ago the doctor told him
because of his heart problems that he couldn’t skate what did he do he changed
his doctor and the truth is since then he’s been doing all the exams and it’s
been better so this guy what a hero koji he gave me a book I haven’t read
yet so what else do we have here these this is awesome and I’m gonna make a
video about it so I’m not gonna explain you a lot about this basically this is
called unstrap and this is as the name says I’m
sorry this is all like I don’t want this to look bad right now so this is the
strap for your skates it works amazing and I’m gonna show it to you in another
video on strap the guys from on strap gave me DS and they also gave me
something else and this if I it here I would love to have it here
yeah the guys from unstrap this is all handmade in Brazil so these instead of
using a buckle they made these leather straps that you can use on the top of
your skate and I’m quite excited about these ones so I’ll be using them soon
and then I probably gonna make a video about these ones too and I’m probably
going to to make a video about buckles versus straps and stuff like that but
that’s going to be in the future so maybe if you’re not subscribed to the
channel now would be the time to do it so if you want to see these and these
are these works or how do they perform that would be a good one and then last
but not least these these are all socks from rolling sports rolling sports
rolling sports is the distributor from powerslide in Brazil they also have a
shop in Sao Paulo and they are the main reason why I went to Brazil they are the
guys making this bag and they organized those 10 days for me like no one no one
ever organized ten days of skating so everything that you’ve seen oh there’s
one more and there’s more stickers and there’s more stickers and there’s one
cap which is mind you don’t want to see it and there’s nothing else in this bag
although there’s one thing missing and that is there’s a aggressive skating
video called Todd Rolando and they gave me the whole pack for taro Lando which
is it was a video a team rolling sports video than about one and a half year ago
it took them two years to do it came out as a USB flash drive it’s around 45
minutes video it has the best skaters in Brazil the pack came with a t-shirt with
the flash drive with some stickers and some posters I
do not have it here but I’m going to leave the link in the description on
these videos so that you can see the video from rolling sports star Rolando
I’m doing this video to tank to say thank you to everyone that gave me all
these things and that may be stripped possible and I’m really really sorry but
I really need to finish this video cuz Jalen just woke up so thank you everyone
for this I hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this video do not
forget to subscribe to the channel give me some support by subscribing tell your
friends to subscribe to this channel if you liked the video give me some thumbs
up you can maybe follow these guys like rollin sports on strap Corvo if you find
curve on on Instagram you might be on some of my Instagram posts so look for
him mega roller skate park road ahead Akash
Tortugas thank you so much to all these guys and again if you liked it thumbs up
but most important more important any of these it doesn’t matter I didn’t start
skating because of days I didn’t starts getting because of these these are that
I started skating because of the fun that I get out of it so do not forget
why we all started skating because it’s fun cheers guys see you soon hey


  1. Nice video Ricardo…. Always thanks the love you got from people so far away… brazilian people are so kind and generous… Cheers from Chile

  2. Better not tell corvo of come to the UK, he'll hate that his brand is called Deckchair hahaha.

    Really want to skate with you when you come over to the UK, it would be an honour and a privilege to maybe learn from you Ricardo

  3. We love to give presents to the ones we care about. In Ireland, where I live, people are more into giving cards. We normally don't give cards when we give someone a present.

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