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Buy Tickets for the Glasgow 2015 IPC Swimming World Championships!

Buy Tickets for the Glasgow 2015 IPC Swimming World Championships!

I’ve already been to a few IPC World Championships,
and having this one in Glasgow – it’s going to be exciting. And it is such a big, huge
sporting event, competing against the whole world.
It’s going to be top athletes that people are going to be watching and its going to
have so many good races. I’m really excited for the IPC World Championships
in Glasgow. You’re obviously excited, any time you get to put a GB hat on and race for
your country, and it being my home pool makes it even more special, so I’m really excited.
It’s obviously great that the more sporting events that we can have where we can raise
the profile of sport in Glasgow. The Commonwealth Games was massive and Glasgow did a great
job in my view. I’m really proud of my home city. Hopefully we can just keep building
on that in the future, and have more events in the future.
Being able to watch the Commonwealth Games this year, and seeing the big crowds and how
amazing GB swimmers swam, it gives you a very good, positive outlook on the pool, so hopefully
loads of people will buy the tickets and then we’ll have that extra little bit of support.
It’s just a massive confidence boost knowing that all those people are there to cheer you
on. You just have to use it to your advantage and in high performance sport you have to
use anything that can get you an advantage and having a home crowd definitely helps.

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