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Butterfly Swimming Technique. Timing. How to swim butterfly

Butterfly Swimming Technique.  Timing.  How to swim butterfly

Butterfly timing The best way to understand the timing in butterfly
is in two phases. The first phase is the pull of the arms and
the second is the recovery. The first phase starts when the arms start
to pull. After the first movement of the hands, the
head starts to lift up and you start to bend your knees a little bit. After the arms pass the shoulder line then
you extend your bent knees quickly and finish the pull. Your body should be extended like a ski jumper
but with your ankles flexed the other way. The second phase starts with your arms going
out of the water. Your head starts to come down. As your arms pass the shoulder’s line, your
knees slightly bend again. Your head enters first and then your arms. As your arms are entering you should extend
the knees with a strong kick. With the momentum of that second kick, the
arms glide, the head stays down, the chest sinks and the hips go up. Now the first phase starts again. How much you glide will be determined by your
goal. If you want to swim as fast as you can then
don’t glide a lot, as soon as the movement ends start the cycle again. However, if you want to save more energy,
it is better to carry the speed of the glide for a little longer. Just make sure your body is stretch out, from
your fingers to your shoulder and from your knees to your toes. When you swim you won’t have time to think
of all of this. It is best to find out where your weakness
is and then you can start to work on it one thing at a time. As your technique gets better you’ll be
able to practice more and more and feel the water better. Then, your body will naturally find ways to
go faster. Thanks for watching! Swim Fast!

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