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Burton Mongrel Snowboard Jacket 2011 Review

Burton Mongrel Snowboard Jacket 2011 Review

What’s up? I’m Matt Guf, for the House
Snowboard Shop, this is the Burton Mongrel Snowboarding Jacket. This is part of the Team
Fit Series. That’s right, going to be a relaxed fit. It actually has two inches of
length on the bottom and about one inch of additional length on the articulated sleeves.
Now the combination of both a waterproof and breathable material makes this a DryRide Durashell
type jacket. That’s one of the categories that Burton has in their line. It’s ten
thousand millimeters of waterproof material on the outside. So it expels and sheds quite
a bit of water, and also breathes quite well. There’s five thousand millimeters of breathable
material. Now, like I said this jacket has a lot of cool features, all over the place.
It’s a great riding jacket and it looks cool. You don’t have to wear this on snow,
you can wear this the movies, you can wear this taking your girl out, whatever. Now,
on the sleeves it has the adjustable cuffs of course, if you like them open or closed;
you can have them open or closed. There’s a contoured fitting hood that you can fully
adjust of course and lots of pockets. The pockets are fleece-lined, so if you don’t
wear gloves like Joe Sexton you can just have them in your pockets just to warm up. There’s
a media pocket, of course, inside as well. And you can bring up your headphones through
the jacket so the cords aren’t going to be all over on the outside. Because when you’re
busting front ten’s with tail, everyone once in a while your hands flop in front of
your face. I don’t know if you guys have ever been riding and you’ve pulled your
earbuds out of your ear. It sucks, it hurts. So these jackets actually have the wire opening
through the jacket. It’s definitely good. Now, on the inside of the jacket there’s
a lot of cool little features. Of course, there’s a powder skirt; that is a jacket
to pant interface that Burton has, if you don’t like wind blowing up your jacket,
this is a great idea. Definitely check it out. Now, this jacket also has a quilt lining,
it’s called Thermacore quilt lining. So, it’s going to be warm. It’s going to be
warm, like right now it’s like 72 degrees in the studio. I’m hot as hell. I think
I’m sweating a little bit, but like I said there’s lot of cool features; key rings,
hem closures, media pocket, cool 13 or B logo, depending on how you’re looking at it. Yeah,
this is the Burton Mongrel Jacket. If you dig snowboard jackets that look cool and ride
well with ten thousand millimeters of waterproof material and five thousand millimeters of
breathable material, yeah.

19 thoughts on “Burton Mongrel Snowboard Jacket 2011 Review”

  1. @CrazyDe3r It does have 40G of insulation, so it is pretty warm but when you riding in -20 deg temps, its all about the layers.

  2. ay,

    i like this jacket a lot, though im on the fence b/c there is only 40 g of therm,
    …compared to the burton's bit-0-heaven jacket w/ 60g,
    thats seems like demonstrable difference,

    but the mongrel jacket looks so much better.

    in your opinion, is the 20g difference significant?

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