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Burton Kilroy 3D – 2020 Snowboard Review

Burton Kilroy 3D – 2020 Snowboard Review

Hi I’m Rob from Snowtrax. I’m the
snowboard buyer for Snowtrax, and here today to talk to you about the Burton
Kilroy 3D. so this is a new one from Burton this year. Super excited to
ride it and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve got make an apology, this is the
snowboard that has now kicked out the yeah like the long term favorite that
we’ve had here in the Name Dropper. The reason for that for me is it carries the
same weight core but it just has it a little bit more snap a bit more fun to
it. Yeah quite often the pads and the sort of like Fillet’o’flex tech that you
had in the name dropper, as fun as it was, it just added a bit of weight and took a
little bit of the response away. I really like this because it’s still very
forgiving, super park focused but it’s just a little bit more fun all over the hill.
So when you aren’t in the park and you want to actually like crank some turns
this is super fun nice and lively and a really really good addition to the range.
The big thing about its name is hinted in the 3D contour shaping. So what
we’ve got is we’ve got a further extension of what Burton kind of do in
the process which is scoop technology but it’s a bit more enhanced
and you can sort of see here that it’s very much lifted up. It does a few things
it really gives you that much more confidence when you’re learning to
butter or just kind of throwing it around it offers that huge forgiveness.
Yeah really really playful but what I like is it still gives you that middle
section which feels very planted so when you want it to lock into a press it
still does that but when you want it to release it’s just got about little flick
and that bit of forgiveness that really does sort of like give you that extra
confidence. It’s pure pop camber so again very kind of good for park because it’s
a slightly more forgiving sort of like shape of camber for for park riding. If
you do like a more traditional kind of light more burlier, more aggressive
camber shape that’s where you’ve got other boards in
the range. You’ve got at the Paramount so that is a twin twin just like this
but with traditional camber the same kind of weight core that you would
get in a custom but definitely more park focused. So you do have other
options but for me this was super fun I’m gonna say it rides quite similar to
a Salomon Huck Knife which is always a favourite. Very very versatile good
fun park snowboard that you can actually have a lot of fun on outside on the hill.
and cranks some turns. Perfect for a seasonaire.
For a seasoned rider that’s used to riding a lot of backcountry this is a
surprisingly fun snowboard and something that have a bit more fun on piste with
for those days when conditions aren’t primed to go and hit the backcountry or
to go anywhere else this is just a good sort of like good
mess around snowboard that yeah like you can just have so much fun so yeah that’s
a new Kilroy 3D.

5 thoughts on “Burton Kilroy 3D – 2020 Snowboard Review”

  1. Thinking about sizing down to 150. Will that be ok for 177cm tall, 75kg and boot US9? More park riding but still hitting all over the mountain.

  2. Decided to pull the trigger on this board, I opted for a 154 (usually ride a 155) but will mostly be used in a snow dome environment.

  3. Hi, I’m an italian boy and I always follow your videos cause I think you are a great reviewer.
    I would like to ask you a few information. First of all, if you should compare the "Kilroy 3D" board to the "Huck knife" board in terms of pop, which one would you prefer? According to you, does the tenderness of the “Kilroy 3D” flex require more muscle strength to jump or does it provide a great pop for high jumps, tricks, ollies,180s and stuff like that anyway? Thank you

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