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Burton Free Thinker – 2019 Snowboard Review

Burton Free Thinker – 2019 Snowboard Review

Hi I’m Rob from Snowtrax, and this is the Burton Free Thinker. The Burton Free Thinker We’re talking twin twin, In shape and flex with a cambered shape. Really powerful park snowboard. so for people that are looking to take it Little more to the park or staying on piste and want to drive the board in and out of the turns. It’s just a fun all-rounder. So, where does it sit in the range? I think of this board like a Custom twin. Because it kinda fills that gap that Burton Have kinda lost because the Custom has ultimately become a slightly more directiona board. It sits, more in tech wise with a Custom but in terms of shape, and power output, Probably closer to a Custom X But definitely a little softer than the Custom X. So for a lot of people, they can start taking this board in the park a lot more. so what can i size should you be riding for this board worst is a 154, I’m 5’11” around 65 kilograms and this is a good all-rounder especially if I want to keep it more in the park for me. I feel that if I want to ride out of the park there’s other boards in the range that could potentially give me a lot more lift that a lot more float because they have different shapes as you mentioned this is traditional camber so you are more set in the middle of the board that makes it really really fun when you are in the park you really want to focus that down. You just have to work a little bit harder in the softer snow for it, but I mean because of my weight I don’t really struggle in terms of float and taking this into the softer snow but there is a longer length 57 I believe the slightly sort of heavier riders that would be the option to go for. Construction wise obviously a camber shape but we’re into Burton’s 700 gram core so a little bit heavier than the Custom X but not really that noticeable when the whole package is built. You still get a lot of the powerful techniques in there in terms of carbon highlights Squeezebox so it’s a very very capable board especially rolling edge to edge out the park but it’s got that slight forgiveness because it is slightly dulled down in the dual zone sections rather than multi zone that you would get in the Custom X so a bit more forgiving edge to edge if you do actually land a little bit a little bit wrong it won’t punish you as much so just a bit more reliable for those conditions

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