Burton Custom Camber – 2020 Snowboard Review

Hi, I’m Rob from Snowtrax. I’m the
snowboard buyer for the store and here today to talk to you about the Burton
Custom Camber. This is probably one of the most well known snowboards that you will come across. It’s one of the snowboards that I took away on my first
season over 20 years ago so it has been in the range a while but it’s
progressed a lot but it’s still as applicable today for kind of seasonaire riders. It’s one of the most versatile snowboards that you can get!
This is the camber version so it’s a traditional camber throughout which is really nice to see the kind of sort of like the benefits of camber are well known it’s
really reliable and planted on piste and it’s going to offer the most edge grip
because it naturally loads the power towards the edges. Combined with
carbon that is highlighted in the board that just really kind of like gives you a
nice snap and responsive feel edge to edge, so when you’re riding
all-mountain this is really really fun nice and playful, and because it is a twin
flex with a directional, well slight directional, sort of shape you feel a
little bit more centred in the board than other directional snowboard so if
you want to be a bit more aggressive on piste with it yeah perfect go and have
it but if you want to go in the park again you’ve got that kind of twin sort
of like feel to it that is kind of why you see this on a lot of slope style
contest it is a hugely adaptable platform.
A lot of people just ride this all-mountain so kind of piste and off
piste and it works really really well there. I really really struggled to think
of any snowboard, and that’s pretty much why other brands are constantly chasing
this and trying to build their equivalent of this. Yet there just
aren’t many snowboards that can really do everything as well as this. Yes you’re
going to get your more kind of niche powder boards you know kind of like yeah
you need to park boards but when you pitch this up against them, yeah, there’s
very very small difference and that’s why it’s such a good snowboard you
can just like wake up in the morning not know what conditions are like but you
can go and grab this and just have as much fun as your mate, so yeah that is
the Burton custom it’s still in the range for good reason and it’s still the
go-to snowboard for whatever conditions you want to go and right so yeah go and
grab one!

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