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Buried Alive By An Avalanche!

Buried Alive By An Avalanche!

If you want to play with your life get a
normal helmet. If you don’t want to play with your life… Get a Ruroc. What Does An Avalanche Feel Like? I drop in and
after 2 curves, the whole mountain cracks and it just drags me and the feeling of
an avalanche is insane. Because you read about it, you
watch videos and you think you know what’s gonna be your feeling and it’s
crazy because you don’t have time to do anything. They tell you so
many things, what do you have to do what you don’t have to do. First
instinct is just, FAST, like, get out – y’know? Go on to one side, go to the other,
try to do something but within seconds I looked at my
board and the whole ground beneath me the whole mountain , just cracked
and became like small icebergs. I was floating and if you imagine like a
river, super-aggressive River.. when there’s like a big storm and it’s
just going crazy down the side of the mountain? It felt the same way, you
have no control you’re in between or on a mass of brutal energy and
it takes one second for nature to take a life and I’m telling you, it felt like
this is just gonna like eat me alive! After like few seconds the speed
that I was going I was already on my back, I couldn’t really control it and
after, like, I don’t know a few seconds the whole snow just covered me. The
avalanche started tumbling, going down. I think it was, from what they told
me, it was like a hundred (I don’t know in feet) but it’s like a hundred meters or
150 meters. That’s like a football field more or less, of length, but on the side
of a mountain. What was it like to be buried alive? One of the key reasons why I made it out
was that I was super calm. I never thought “shit, I’m dying!” or “I’m
not getting out of this alive” I just focused on “hey, relax, stay cool.”
So one of the one of the reasons I was able to stay calm is because I had the
Ruroc helmet and this is critical. So basically when I feel I’m already
within the snow just like tumbling down and hitting rocks or whatever you know
like you have it in your mind that you can’t get out of there, you know your
life depends on those who came with you So I can’t do much about it. When you see snow you think it’s fluffy, it’s nice, it’s cold but nothing’s gonna.. happen. It’s [actually] super heavy. So once I stopped and I felt like I was stopping, I could feel the pressure of the snow, it
felt like a truck just ran over me. You can’t breath, you can’t move. Your whole body is compressed and I could feel the mask hitting, like it was
scratched into my face, I could feel it you know just pressing. And you can’t
breathe, there’s no real oxygen . I was underneath it’s like six feet and a half
of deep snow and I was upside down so basically if you try to climb out of it
you can’t because it’s like concrete. You can’t move your fingers, you can’t move your head or your body That was my avalanche.
I can’t move, or I can’t feel anything… I just feel the whole pressure of the
mountain just like trying to compress my body. I realize that even though I have
snow all over me and covering everything my nose and my mouth are not like, with
snow. If you don’t have a Ruroc in this case,
because normal helmets they don’t have the mask, my nose in my mouth would have
been like shut with snow. So basically my skin would have been in direct contact
with snow. For me, I had all the gear. Good gloves, Good jacket, so for me having the [Ruroc] mask was crucial because I
realised that’s just a few seconds when you’re covered, and you can’t do anything, but I realise, “hey, I have like an inch in my
mouth” so having the Ruroc, it gave me the chance to make a conscious
decision to chill, to relax. It doesn’t depend on me to get out, it depends on
the people who came with me, so the more time that I give them to rescue me
the better it will be for both of us What made you choose Ruroc? I’ve been doing motocross since I’m like
12, so I’m used to really whatever sport that I do I have a helmet in my face
that covers my whole face and I’ve had serious accidents while competing or
like on races so I’m fond of helmets that cover your whole face. I already have
3 Rurocs. You guys are sending me my 4th Ruroc, and the key is look,
it will save you from at least from my experience, from hard impacts on
a bad landing. It will really cover your face or protect you from
hitting branches or trees through like sketchy woods. It will help you on cold
days or windy days because everyone’s freezing their mouths and face and you
just have a mask and you’re like, y’know: “we’re good!” So it doesn’t only help
you if you go on streams you know it also helps you when you’re on a day to
day basis, a normal day skiing on piste which is very normal, but I would
have never expected the helmet to actually save me from an avalanche which
is the most extreme part of snowboarding or skiing it’s the nightmare of every
skier you know, to be dragged into an avalanche. It’s true that also
every decision that the guys made was perfect. But I’m super proud of my Ruroc, Super proud of the product you guys make… it’s helped me a lot in many
circumstances but in this one I could have never expected it to work that well. I can’t speak to all the avalanches or all the circumstances that
people get into but for me, the key and I always tell people –
you have to prepare yourself for the worst and if it happens you’re prepared.

5 thoughts on “Buried Alive By An Avalanche!”

  1. So, how important is the fitting of your Ruroc? Because I bought mine in the spring sales, I have a big head and expect for it to grow so I got the biggest size. I love it! But it feels a bit big. Not too big, my last helmet was a 61 but it varies from different companies. Unfortunately I think it's too late to order a smaller one to check on the fitting (even though I haven't used it yet). Basically, I'm just wondering if the Ruroc can become dangerous if it is too big.

  2. "Nice" and accurate description of what it means to be in an avalanche. No word though of the importance of DVA equipment. This approach could be dangaerous and misleading for an inexperienced rider. You're helemt is just part of the safety equipment and the helmet alone will not save you.

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