100 thoughts on “Bulletproof Biceps! Build Bigger Biceps with the “No Money” Curl Exercise!”

  1. This guy makes tony horton look like a little league assistant ball coach. really disappointed i paid for p90x. This guy is the real deal. I always thought people who did p90x looked a little small but people who do athleanx look large and in charge.

  2. how do you get both biceps to look the same my left one look like cap but my right looks awesome its got the peak and every thing but my arms got the same strength

  3. admiral8toes. It is crazy but if you are right handed you are naturally going to be bigger on that side. He talks about our 'weak side' somewhere. Body Builders want semmetry so there has to be some way.

  4. i would like to see a bulletproof lower chest workout. hey is there a way to do decline bench press without a bench.

  5. @52cardsco hahahaha pound town fucking funny man made my day and yeah i have to thank him for the way i look today

  6. Hi Jeff!

    I 'm 14 and i would like to know if weightlifting is taking a heavy toll on my body.
    Some of my teachers have been saying that it would stunt my growth, some says its fine to a certain degree of intensity. But I would like to hear it from you. I've been pumping for quite a while now.

  7. I have a set of dumbbells (20kg) with no access to a gym , is it still possible for me to get a lot of muscle mass using just these weights ???? would appreciate any responses.

  8. @Chejuny36 you have to perform every excercise till failure pal 🙂
    an if you have watched another one of his vids, he explains failure, and how you can still excercise the same muscle even after hitting failure ^_^

  9. Jeff my man, i've watched far too many center chest line workouts on youtube, all of which I have tried to mimic in the gym but just can't find REAL results. Please post a video response so I can fill out my middle and upper chest! Much appreceated,

    Yours truley,

  10. bullet proof lower back iv got a recurring problem it dosnt affect me lifting anything but gently swaying side to side in a vehicle with an upright back support or at a crowded music event triggers it, can you help???

  11. hey my left arm is way less strong than my right arm (don't ask me why >:D)
    what should i do? should i take same weights or different weights?

  12. i do normal db curls with 40 pounds……..i tried this with a 20 for 2 sets, 10 reps…im really impressed with this workout….i feel the pump in like 4 reps in first set lol

  13. A great bicep workout that I could see improvement with in only just a few tries. Thanks Jeff. Now, I'm off to the gym. 8^ )

  14. I have been watching you Jeff since your old channel and when your program was one thing and was cheaper,….. People who complain that your trying to constantly push your product I have this the same. Jeff has been giving great advice since the beginning , every video has been different and shown great ways to work out. He still gives the same great advice since the beginning all he has added was , hey buy my program, the dudes trying to make a buck let him his advice nonetheless is great .

  15. I had been working weights for 7 months and while I got bigger I also got stale and started to show little or no gain even increased weights. Jeff is legit and he drops knowledge and I bought his program and I am in the second week now and let me tell ya it is kicking my ass. Working the stabilizer muscles and following his eating schedule of what to eat and what time to eat. His program is mapped out for you perfectly. I cant wait to see my body after week 12. I'm going to strong and jacked.

  16. The only thing is these exercises are very different from what 95% of the gym rats are doing so when they see me doing these workouts at the local gym they think i'm weird as shit. But I say fuck em. I just look em in the eye and would have no problem taking any beef outside the gym. This program may not make you bodybuilder huge but it will definitely make you very strong all around. Much stronger than most people.

  17. I second this comment. A friend of mine has been working out in the "traditional" manner for over 4 years. He's gained a lot of size, and seeing him a year ago inspired me to dedicate myself to working out. I'm a little over a year in, he's been at it for close to 5. We have close to the same build, but I'm significantly stronger than he is after following Athlean X. He's bigger than me, but I have more definition, more vascular, and am stronger.

  18. Very good tip!!! Been testing different things for 5 years now and finally this one felt in the biceps (instad of the forearm or shoulder). Great! Many thanks!

  19. i have one question. Can i perform dumbell and other instrumental workouts though i haven't performed any free hand exercise? Is it harmful to do so?

  20. I haven't watched a lot of your channel but maybe you could do beginner, intermediate and advanced series playlists that people can work with? Thanks again.

  21. I think his training lesson is very useful, he has patient, making me can remember much easier.

  22. I'm about 63kg,I train 5times a week, I'm so lean got a pure athletic physique but my stomach won't stop hanging, and it's not fat, can only see my awesome abs if i pull my belly in. All I take is amino and gold standard 100% whey protein and I eat healthy. Can you please help me. Thanks

  23. Hi Jeff. I'm looking for that Video where you started with a regular biceps curl with dumbells then going for a external rotation and finally raising the weight similar to a lateral raise but I can't find it anymore. Can you pls put that link here? Many thanks in advance.

  24. I always did bicep curls like this out of instinct cause I would LITERALLY feel my arm be in an awkward position lifting heavy, so I would negate that by trying to curl up and out. Glad there's an actual name for it and that there's a logic behind it too hahah

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