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Build a Super Easy and Cheap Ice Skating Rink

Build a Super Easy and Cheap Ice Skating Rink

Alright I’ll tell you how to make the
World Easiest and Cheapest homemade skating rink all you need is a
garden hose and a source of water and some hard work
and you too can have this as you can see if this works fine for my
five-year-old he is learning how to Skate All you have to do is wait till you have but several consecutive days a below zero temperature freezing point and the ground is frozen after that
it’ll The Water has no place else to run you put on layer after layer this is about
six layers if you make too much thickness per layer you get air pockets like we did over
here I get really rough right there all use for the ages just piled up snow and it held the water and I can make an
ice slush in a pail and build it up if you want and that’s how
make the World’s Easiest Skating Rink Thanks for Watching.

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  1. If there are holes that leak the water out, put water in a pail and add snow then put this slush where it's leaking let freeze and continue. This rink cost me nothing but time to make.

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