Breaking News! Volcom Becomes U.S. Snowboard Team Official Partner

[Jamie Lynn] Please welcome rap legends Run The Jewels [Killer Mike] We’re very excited to announce that Volcom will be creating the official outerwear for the United States snowboarding team for the
2022 Winter Olympics [El-P] That’s exciting stuff, ahh I think you kind of buried the lead here though Mike, the real announcement is that I’ll be officially
competing and Killer Mike will be joining the coaching staff in an
official capacity (cheering and clapping) [Hailey Langland] You’re just planning to compete in the most prestigious international sporting event in the world do you even know how to
snowboard? [Killer Mike] I got this. I may not know much about sports or competition but I know about
life. Life is filled with pain and we’re nothing but grains of sand sprawled upon
a vast beach and I know that if you find something in life you grab it you hold
on to it you never let it go now this man may not know a damn thing about
boarding on snow what this man lacks in knowledge physical capability or any
semblance of athleticism he more than makes up for it (slaps El-P’s chest) Heart! Next question. [Austin Amelio] Ah hey there Rick Rad
Bone from Extreme Sports Digest. I’d like to know what are you feeling to prepare? [El-P] That’s a stupid question, roll the tape! [Austin Amelio] What did we just watch? [El-P] It’s no, it’s not done yet. (Tim Robinson appears in the audience clapping) [Tim Robinson] Bravo hey hey I know someone get Hollywood on the phone because there’s a couple of great actors up here. [Killer Mike]is that?
[El-P] That’s the guy that was sending us the pictures of him as a cat with his face
on the cat but it wasn’t [Tim Robinson] oh so you are getting them and just not responding okay but that’s not why I’m here I’m here to expose you for the frauds that
you are you see I spoke to the United States
Commissioner of snowboard and he’s never even heard of you
in fact he thought the whole idea was ridiculous [El-P] is this true Mike? [Killer Mike] yeah they told me that you me, like we weren’t gonna be
able to join the team [El-P] why didn’t you say anything to me? [Killer Mike] you got really excited
man and I got to yell at you you took groceries up the stairs for me [El-P] yeah, you made me catch flies with my hands [Killer Mike] that was dope
[El-P] I feel like a fool [Killer Mike] Fool? What no I mean really need them fools we’ll start our
own team team RTJ [El-P] you thinking what I’m thinking…
[Tim Robinson] hello I just blew the lid off your lie [Tim Robinson] just not like just I just embarrassed you [El-P] no I think we’re good [Shaquille O’Neal] excuse me excuse me silence in the room, I am the United
States Commissioner of snowboard I’d like to commend you on your bravery Run The Jewels [Austin Amelio] is that Shaquille O’Neal? [Shaquille O’Neal] Even though it goes against my every instinct as commissioner, as a former profession athlete if you want to compete you have my blessing [El-P] really? we
could compete with the US team of snowboarding? [Shaquille O’Neal] you already got the Volcom jacket now all you have to do is learn how to snowboard well enough to compete with some of the best athletes in the world [El-P] (hesitating) ahhh.. [Killer Mike] We’ll do it! [Shaquille O’Neal] I think my work here
is done I am Kazaam

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