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Blind Youth Drive, Surf, Snowboard and Much More

Blind Youth Drive, Surf, Snowboard and Much More

I was born blind and my condition is called
foveolar hyperplasia. I was born with congenital microphthalmia,
which means my eyes did not fully develop all the way. I was born with glaucoma and cataracts. I was born with optic nerve atrophy. I have optic nerve atrophy, and I think ataxia
in my eyes, so they move a lot. Um, and my optic nerve has been deteriorating
since I was little. I was born with retinopathy prematurity (ROP) and I’ve kind of, I’ve never known anything other than what I have. When I lost my sight, at that time in my life I felt like there was nothing out there for me. And, uh, the judge told me if I didn’t straighten up; I would be going to jail for a very long time; and even then I really didn’t care,
but I still… …I still had some kind of hope left. As a child growing up I was a loner. People tend to I guess shy away from someone who’s
different from them. When you’re in like a group of friends or
something and they see something far away, and like you’re sitting there like… …you feel kind of like an outsider and everything. That’s fun stuff! Right? Extreme Mobility Camp opened the doors for
me to see that those limitations I set before myself was no longer there. After doing it, I just felt like really good,
like I could do this Like I could really do this and it’s just like a really good feeling. Being totally blind, driving a car, or a go-kart it was a crazy experience, but it was so much fun. Skiing downhill and all that stuff you know I felt like I could walk with no fear. Ski with no fear. Just being loved for who I am. So, so amazing to see how much love there is in this organization. It helps people definitely achieve things they probably thought they never could do. It’s like one big family emotional, and heart
touching. I want to thank you for donating to this cause and making it possible for me to experience the things I wouldn’t get to in my small community. It’s very hard for a visually impaired person to make it big but this has given me such… …it’s shown a new light in my life. And it’s changed me, and I’m sure that how you’ve touched my life, I’ve touched so many others and I want to thank you for that. Text “XMO” to 71777 to pledge your support

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  1. My name is Colin Comer and I went to the winter camp in 2014. And I intend to come to next year's Winter Camp.

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