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Molly: At the beginning and the end of every speech I do a “Pitch Perfect” reference EB: Oh, amazing! Molly: So that’s… Hey guys and welcome to another vlog. So, I am currently at LA Live, which is like this big complex with lots of like restaurants and activities and things to do. And, uh, I am getting ready to go to an Instagram ice skating party. Yes, I’m ice-skating in LA. And of course, like a true Canadian I brought my own ice skates all the way from Canada. So now… we just have to kind of try to find this place. So, let’s go… So we’re just in line to go into the Instagram party and Gallop met another working dog; her name is Zoey and she’s a little security guard for the party Look at them So I’m officially into the party after the long lineup, and there’s this really cool Instagram logo ice sculpture and it actually has not melted yet, although everybody else here has melted So I don’t know how this is surviving, ’cause we are not. It is very sweaty up in here. I’m also curious as to how many people born and raised in California can skate, because, girl, you know True Canadian if I can’t… so, we’ll see. Also, let me show this [Mom off camera: yep] We got some Instagram logo cozy hats. I got one with a gold logo; my mom with a black logo, so… pretty cute They have Instagram doughnuts Who doesn’t want an Instagram doughnut? Come on… Also, go follow me on Instagram @MollyBurkeOfficial [music, laughing, background chatter] [Off camera: What’s your dog’s name?] Gallop I am off to the YouTube Space LA, again, for yet another event and… Oh, Gallop’s coming out [laughs] Hey, babe. Um, and I’m gonna go meet somebody very very special so I thought I would take you with me. Yesterday was an Instagram party; today’s a YouTube event. We’re just doing all the social media stuff So I’ll do a little outfit of the day before we go. I’m wearing this little like leather overall dress …with pockets Who doesn’t love pockets? So, this is the back And it’s, uh, it’s really comfortable. It’s very thick. And then I have this super crazy soft cloud Off-the-shoulder sweater in white and then I’m just wearing black heeled booties And, uh, it’s pretty simple. I’m gonna throw a choker on. Um, and that’s that. So before we head to the YouTube Space LA, I thought we would take you out to the pool area because my mom said it’s like, gorgeous. She said it looks like we’re at like a resort in Mexico, or like a nice cruise ship or something so we thought we’d do a little, little show for you [music] The hot tub was delightful. So I’m now at the YouTube Space LA It’s been a morning. So, um… We ended up waiting for like half an hour outside of our uh, hotel for a taxi. They called twice, none showed up. And at that point, like we were supposed to be 40 minutes early to the event, and we were gonna be late for the event and we were like stressing out And then finally an Uber came and dropped us off and then when we get here…they’re renovating, so even though we’ve been here a bunch of times nothing looks the same and like the YouTube sign is down, and the doors where we usually enter are closed off and we’re like, “Are we at the right place?” And then my mom like runs and sees a guy and she’s like, “Where do I go?” And he’s like, “Oh, we’re renovating. The doors are down there.” So we like go down to where doors are and they’re like, “Oh, hi. Welcome.” And we’re like the only ones here ’cause I had like an appointment for early on this morning Like I’m the first one with an appointment and they were like, uh, “Sorry,” like, “we’re running late.” And I was like, “Thank God you’re running late because now I have time to breathe.” So they brought me to this little like couch where I can wait for a bit And, uh, they have fidgets spinners. Is that the YouTube sign? So, they have fidget spinners, which is helping me calm my nerves, and I’m gonna drink some tea and just relax. They have like, all this swag and water here. They have some snacks. It’s–It’s good. I’m just chillin’ out. It’s gonna be good. [upbeat music] I’m just like, “no, it’s fine.” [music continues, speech fades out] …I use, at the beginning and the end of every speech I do a “Pitch Perfect” reference EB: Oh, amazing
Molly: So that’s like my big, like one of my absolute like favorite movies and I can’t wait to see EB: 3 Molly: the new one EB: 3 Molly: I’m very excited Alright I am back at the hotel. Um, today was quite a day. We had a lot of sitting and waiting, but it was okay because at the end of sitting and waiting I got to meet with Elizabeth Banks. Yes, that’s right the Elizabeth Banks. It was amazing. She’s such a powerhouse. So talented and like somebody I definitely admire, and she had so much great advice to give me and I just felt like really appreciative to have that opportunity to sit like one on one and chat with her So, that was really amazing. And, uh, now we’re just hanging out at the hotel grabbing some, uh, dinner before heading to the airport for an overnight red-eye. Ugh, the worst. Heading out to New York City for an event, so it’s quite a busy couple days and I’m glad I could take you guys with me. We’re probably gonna go hit up the hot tub for a bit before we go. So my mom will pan around. We’re in such a beautiful part of LA right now. Some of the beautiful scenery that I cannot see, but my mom says is amazing, so thought we’d show ya.


  1. This is a really funny one!
    Instagram donuts, seeing those LA folks try to skate…

    Maybe we’ll see you on the streets of NYC!

  2. Your outfit is killing it. You wouldn't think fuzzy and leather could go together but they very much do. I have to ask though, are you not boiling and sweating since you are in L.A.?

  3. Well I was enjoying this blog a lot and love you as a person you seem very kind, but please do not support or promote the use of leather. I'm sure if you knew where it came from you would never touch it ever again. Imagine someone beating your dog in the face and kicking and punching him and starving him to literally break him down to make it easier to skin him alive for his fur. They do this in China to dogs for leather clothing like what you're wearing in this blog and do the same to cows in India. It's really vile, cruel and disturbing. You wouldn't wear your dog, right? Please wear cruelty free!

  4. I looove elizabeth banks and pitch perfect is my feel good movie. I totally love the atmosphere of the movies and the group of girls 🙂 cant wait to see pitch perfect 3!!

  5. don't you find wearing sweaters too hot Molly? you look beyond cute though!! lol so thanks for that!! I would love a video all about what exactly gallop does for you and how it all works. If you already have one please let me know as I am a fairly new viewer. thanks. 🙂

  6. Not a fan of the first Pitch Perfect movie, but your outfits in this video were spot on. The California sun is good to your looks 🙂

  7. I grew up in New Hampshire, and live in South Carolina now, and I always try to explain to my southern friends that in the North you learn to skate as soon as you can walk, if not before you can even walk!!!

  8. So I was wondering you moved from Canada to the US – how easy is it to move from Canada to the US or vice versa. I mean there’s gotta be a lot of paper work like work permit or green card or how does it work? And what about your mom and the rest of the family – I take it they didn’t move to the US. Or maybe I got it totally wrong and you did not move to California?

  9. hi molly. i love ice skating as well. i am blind my self. i absolutely love u and your videos. i also roller blade. and i am a drummer in 3 bands. my name is anthony. i live in cali as well. 2 hours from u to be exact. i have been blind sense birth do to me being premature. u look absolutely gorgeous. my cousin described me to u. and u are absolutely amazing.

  10. I honestly don't know how she ice skates around people and knows where the camera is and where to wave if she's blind. I mean walking down the road you can use a stick or whatever but how do you not run into people.

  11. Hello Molly Something is wrong with my Instagram I have typed your name in and I can’t find you it’s telling me there are no results found

  12. Molly this is so random, but two summers ago me and some friends were at vidcon. We were at our hotel in the hot tub just hanging out and then we randomly started talking about videos and vidcon to some people and one of them was your MOM. She was so nice and It's so cool to see how far you have come!

  13. +MollyBurkeOfficial Looks as though LA is productive for you. 🙂 I's looking up YouTube℠ Space™ Los Angeles (CA, USA), and 12422 West Bluff Creek Drive, Playa Vista, is not far from Interstate 405. Equipped competitively to Comcast NBC Universal Burbank, too, so satisfactory for a Red video contingency. (I's used to small-scale 720p shoots with an upgraded ASUS® CM1630-06, a Logitech® QuickCam® S7500, and modest 5000K LED key and fill; Logitech has usable 1080p models for my existing lights, but a 4K camera is a budget-buster requiring an equally budget-busting lighting upgrade.)

  14. Hi Molly, my 2 months old daughter was diagnosed RP 4 days ago, and we did all kinds of tests like ERG AND VEP and the results were so bad that the doctor basically told me my daughter is never going to be able to see. We are located in China. I was and I have been devastated and felt my life is over. I wish i could give her my eyes instead. I saw your videos and I really hope i can learn from your own experience and to raise my daughter to be a person who finds what she likes and can do what she likes even she is blind. I am super scared and not sure how am I supposed to do that. If by any chance you read this comment and could give me a piece of advice it would be so appreciated. Thank you.

  15. Hi 🙂 I am new subscriber to your channel. Just like to say your content is amazing.
    Wishing you and yours the very best for the season 🙂

  16. It is so good to see you enjoying our beautiful LA looking forward to see more videos and collaboration videos. Merry Christmas 🎄

  17. Do you have any tips for keeping balance while ice skating? I have Menieres disease which is an inner ear disorder and it affects my balance because I get vertigo and really bad nystigmaus (my eyes quiver a lot).

  18. I wish Elizabeth didn't always look like she hates life and hates interviews. I've rarely seen her meet with regular people where she doesn't oooooooze "i wanna leave". I used to think it was RBF, but after enough people said "no, no, she was awful", I've re-thought it.

  19. how does she read comments or edit her videos? How does she buy clothes? I have so many questions. How does she even ice skate without seeing???

  20. The summer's gonna be way worse, those of us in LA either only go places with A/C, hang out at our friend's house that has a pool, go to the beach, or melt going into the heat that is our hotbox in the desert. Also we burn ourselves on our seat belts when getting into our cars and try to avoid the metal part of our keys when taking them out of the ignition, or park your car in the shade to avoid burning yourself on the metal parts of your car, that's also a possible option

  21. shes not really blind , shes lieing. , there are so many cues in her videos that suggest she can see. how are people not realizing this…

  22. “I wonder how many people from LA know how to skate” i’m from South Florida and I know how to skate, come check us out 😛

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