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Blackout Diving – Don’t be Scared!

Blackout Diving – Don’t be Scared!

“Blackout” means you can’t see anything. We start off with taking some fully little blinders, We black out their masks That way they can’t see what they’re doing The first thing they need to understand is how to keep comfortable and try to maneuver and make something happen when you can’t see. What they have to do is get these flanges going together and hooked up. As the holes are lined up to the bolts, they stab these into the bolt holes on each side. Then they have eight nuts and bolts that they have to bolt these together. Some students will find that this is really unsettling for them and they have to kind of build up a comfortability with it This a real world scenario. This is real world training. Even if the water has been viz’d, we’re underwater doing construction or deconstruction. And so that means that we’re stirring up the bottom. Sometimes you’re going to have to work completely blind. As long as they can get one project where they can get used to that, when they get their first experience in the industry, they don’t freeze up. They understand. “I’ve been here. I can do this.” If I can teach them to be thinking divers, I’ve succeeded. Everything’s wrench tight, I can’t un-do it with my finger… they can get 100% for their project.

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