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Big Curls on Natural Hair (Curling Wand)

Big Curls on Natural Hair (Curling Wand)

hi everyone so today I’m filming a hair tutorial for you guys this look is super versatile and super easy to do I usually do this at the end of the week when my hair is extra dry and extra frizzy I have two reasons for doing this the first reason is because I really like the end result that big frizzy hair gives to this look and the second reason is because especially at the end of the week my hair tends to be even dryer and frizzier and sometimes it is not a cute kind of dry and frizziness it is a rough looking kind of frizziness and at that point no amount of product or refreshing my curls or spritzing it with water will help and when I’m having one of those days or if your having one of these days I think that this is a good alternative You will not need a lot of stuff to make this look happen the only things you will really need is a good curling wand and some frizzy hair If your going to work on naturally straight hair I would recommend you to Like add some volume powder to your roots and to maybe tease your hair So as you can see I parted my hair down the middle and this is not a sleek middle part this is just my natural one I do this because it just makes it easier to have like two big sections oppose to the side part So the curling wand that I am going to use is by this brand called Aria Beauty and this is their packaging It’s cute I like it and this is their 19mm curling wand It doesn’t have like a temperature control thing On the front or anywhere but it doesn’t matter it really gets hot in one go and that is pretty much what I wanna go for It also comes with a glove which is literally essential because as I mentioned this curling wand gets very hot and you will definitely need something to protect your hands from the heat I have learned the hard way and burned myself multiple times with this curling wand This is how I curl each strand I pretty much repeat this technique all over my hair Before I started curling my hair I added a generous amount of Charles Worthington’s heat defence spray And I will add a link in the description bar below so you guys can see what it looks like and buy it at your local store That’s it you guys this is a super easy super quick way to style your hair These clips were made after I elongated my curls by using an afro pick If you guys liked this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to stay updated for upcoming video’s and feel free to comment

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