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BEST DIVE SITE IN THE WORLD – SIPADAN ISLAND!!!!  (180 | Southeast Asia Travel VLOG)

you’re in my video now he got a photo because he thinks one
day I’ll be famous I think one day you will be very famous thank you thanks very much yeah what a nice guy what’s up guys
it’s Monday 25th of December and a merry merry Christmas to all of you hope you
guys are enjoying the holidays and your hard earned break spending with family
spending of your loved ones or like me doing just whatever the hell you want in
some random island but nevertheless hope you guys are having an awesome
break and making the most of it so today is a special day today we’re finally
diving sipadan island sipadan island is the main thing to do around here it is
known as one of the top dive sites in the world and I am honestly so pumped
for it it is listed as one of the top dive sites in the world the only thing that’s
bad is my voice this morning I think it’s alot worse I don’t know if you
can hear it but yeah it just gets worse throughout the day this is a thing that I smacked my nose on
I was coming out of the boat and I went BANG smacked it Christmas time in Sipadan Island he’s pretty energetic hello everyone Merry Christmas after first dive we have brunch
after second dive we do lunch alright third dive is about 3 o’clock something like that
Sipadan Island in the middle of the sea right this is called a syllabus sea
its near two border country what’s the country Indonesia and Philippines
where Indonesia that side Indonesia or that side is a Philippine right
especially like Barracuda point gonna be like s lope we got red corridor
18 meters then gentle slope going 25 and then drop down to 60 meter and then the wall go down 500 – 600 meter just finished the first dive and the
visibility on that first was definitely the best out of the three days I’m gonna try to
keep talking while my voice is okay but its definitely not getting any better but that
first dive we saw I think two or three small white tipped sharks white tipped reef sharks think
like three or four lobsters hiding their little holes so you see them because they’ve
got the long white antennae tentacle whatever they are plenty of nice
coral still colourful and intact visibility I’d say was what
would you say visibility was boss visibility was about 15m and girl breathing like this one of the girls was like 60 bar and we only pretty much just started I was like on 150 and she was already on 60 so she must of been like Is that last one the only places to find hammerhead
find hammerhead in market fish I think the dive sites are only gonna get better
from here dive one and dive two are we going Barracuda point but apparently
Barracuda points one of the more popular ones so hope we get to go there check this out CRAZY holy moly what a dive that was a perfect
dive for Christmas Day honestly that dive is up there definitely lives up to
the name we just dived Barracuda point and I
could see why that place is on the top you know dive destinations in the world
so as soon as we got in there was just a massive school of Jackfish so even when I
was waiting to go down I was like hurry up what are you waiting
for now you know I wanted to freedive that section because you know it to me it
seems like it’s always a bit more fun to free dive in a bait ball then being
scuba gear it just feels a lot more natural you have a lot more freedom I
can control how long I go down for and I can maneuver a little bit
better you know get that selfie a little bit better
and then that dive was like the most reef sharks I’ve ever seen I don’t even
know if his black tip a white tip but they were like 10 or 15 of them they
were everywhere and there was one point where you know I was following two and
then this other two came and joined them they all converged in the one place I
got it in the shot it’s just like finding Nemo it’s just all busy all
little fish big fish and big shark comes through and everyone’s just like happy
happy on Christmas Day you know but anyway starving now got to give my voice
a little bit of a break so let’s go have lunch you’re in my video now he got a photo with me because he thinks one
day I’ll be famous yes I think one day you will be very famous thankyou thanks very much yeah well what a nice guy alright
gonna stop yapping and get ready for our third and final dive all rightm
what a last dive what a way to spend Christmas so my GoPro held up on that
last dive got the school of Barracuda I think that was like the biggest school
of barracuda I’ve seen on a dive and it was massive all the corals still intact
they’re all colorful and then just at that last part you had colorful coral on
the bottom with all of the colorful little fish medium sized fish swimming
through and a school of barracudas on top so if you can imagine that I was just
amazing but by then my GoPro ran our of battery so I was just sort of just
chilling the re watching it so I’d actually say that dive is actually on
par with Raja Ampat very similar landscape in the fact that you know it’s
very well preserved it’s untouched has its you know differences and
similarities but in terms of colourful coral you know a variety of fish and
amazing things to see it is up there with Raja Ampat
main difference would be you know this is more accessible to tourists so
more people are diving whereas Raja Ampat it was pretty much just me Rachael
and some other dude on some deserted island it’s 900 Ringgit which is a bit
more expensive than others but it’s definitely worth it they allow 120
people a day so they preserve it in that way today I dived with speedy Borneo
Izzy? Aziz, sorry signs for Barracuda and signs for jackfish screenshot it are you screen shotting it alright its alright love you guys that’s it for today guys tonight I think
it’s gonna be the same thing we’re just gonna have a Christmas dinner and hang
out have a few drinks it’s good to get back in the water that’s the end of my
three days of diving here on the island of Borneo so if you guys have just
joined in don’t forget to click that subscribe button down below and for
those of you that’s been watching you know the drill leave this a thumbs up
comment anything down below I do eventually get around to them once again
thanks for joining me hope you guys enjoy I’ll catch you guys nice and early

18 thoughts on “BEST DIVE SITE IN THE WORLD – SIPADAN ISLAND!!!! (180 | Southeast Asia Travel VLOG)”

  1. Sipadan is part of indonesia several years ago, but because of international judge we lose from malaysia, so malaysia now claim sipadan to be part of their country

  2. What happened to the German girl? You gave her XXXmas present, she got what she needed and left. Smh, women these days all the same where ever you go.

    Just kidding! Lol. Ladies if you read this. I was just a joking. Joke lang. Awesome travel videos bro. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mate your killing it with these vlogs, new camera gear definitely made an improvement.. loving all this diving you have been doing also, making me remember my dive in Mexico recently with sea lions, was sick! Keep it up!

  4. hey, im heading to borneo in a month or two and wan wondering if you could pass on the company you went with for the dive and how many $$$$$ it was? massive noob solo traveller so would love any help haha

  5. George how did you get to Sipadan? I will be in Palawan and just assumed that I could just fly over or take a ferry over to Borneo but it’s been a logistical nightmare. Any suggestions that you may have will be much appreciated. I just can’t fathom being that close and not visiting the number one dive site in the world!!

  6. Looks like the best Christmas ever! Were you able to go to Sipadan for the day only or did you have to sign up for a minimum of days diving with Speedy Borneo to secure a permit?
    Was it very expensive and did it require a lot of planning?

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