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Behind the Scenes: Home on the Road | FIS Alpine

Behind the Scenes: Home on the Road | FIS Alpine

But I can’t sing! Sometimes we are on the road for at least 3 months, in a row without going home. You have to pack. Imagine, three months, you get sick of your clothes. And in the midst of all that we have to do laundry. It’s definitely tough, how we don’t get home very often during the season. In between trips we’re just going to different hotels. So I think that each have our own small few things that reminds us of home, or make each place feel like home. Just a couple of things, like you miss home, you miss being around your things, your family, so we have a couple of things that we do to feel more at home while traveling around the world. I just get really annoyed by the fact that I have to unpack and repack my bag every single time. We have a lot of stuff that we travel with, so just unpacking and repacking is just kind of my least favorite thing for sure. I keep everything in my bag, I don’t unpack. This is my workout clothes, my pants, my shirts, my ski clothes, and if there is a pile of clothes from the day, I fold everything up… Put it away… I kind of just bring my house… I mean, I have literally three cameras, my painting supplies… I got a tarot gift set for christmas so we’ve been kind of messing around with that. So right now it’s just Val and Ion the road, we’re great roommates, we get along so well we got a couple of matching outfits… We’re like sisters really it’s funny, we have like one TV show that we watch together. We have some separate ones that we can watch on our own, but that one we have to watch together and we’re just laughing the whole time. We just have a routine and it becomes really easy together.

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