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Behind The Results with Tina Weirather | FIS Alpine

Behind The Results with Tina Weirather | FIS Alpine

I don’t remember when I started skiing because I was very young, like I was I think two and a half. I remember that I really loved it! I thought it was the best. I always asked my parents if we could go skiing again. It was pretty early on that I said: “I want to be a ski racer.” And my parents where like: “ooooh….” Because they were ski racers themselves and they knew what it was going to mean if I wanted to do that. I’m very happy that they still supported me. It was just that my passion was so big for it and then I just got really good at it. Then I grew into it. Right now I’m at a point in my career where I know most of the places. The passion is still there but it’s not about finding new places skiing new hills. It’s more the competition that is triggering me now. There’s this dream that you have, in the back of your head, that keeps you going. But then it’s also…. I just really have fun with being with my team, and trying to get better every day. I have a team called “Rotor Team” For me that’s very important because I like to be part of a team. It makes it so much easier, the whole work that you need to do, to actually reach your goals. I had a whole list of dreams at the beginning of my career. I’m lucky that I’ve checked off quite many of them. But there are still some that are open. I’m still really excited to win some more. And that’s also really important, because if you don’t have any goals left, then I think it’s time to say goodbye.

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