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Behind The Results with Luca Aerni | FIS Alpine

Behind The Results with Luca Aerni | FIS Alpine

I was playing a lot of socker, and skiing. At the age of fourteen, fifteen, I had to choose one, I think it was the speed in skiing and also the friends I had, of course the fun and the adrenaline. For me the goals are always the technique and not the results. I try to make a step on the technique and normally
the results are coming by themselves. Of course last year I could do my first podium so I hope I can do another one. For me to have a second discipline is perfect, because when you do only slalom it’s very difficult, if you have a hard time doing good results. And when you have a second discipline you can change your skis, you have new movements, new feelings. You can take it back to Slalom and it helps each other. Last year I had a good season in GS but now I need to make another step. And it’s small details to change so you need the repetition, so we have to do the runs again and again. So after the season I’m really happy to put the skis away, also to go a little bit on the beach, take a vacation. And then the first week in physical training are very hard because you are not used to it. But then after a few weeks I have fun doing it because I see the progress. The last weeks before I go skiing is a bit always the same. You need to be hard with yourself And then I’m very happy to be back on skis. To be always with a good team, good coaches, good teammates, it’s very important because we’re a lot of time together. And it’s easier to have a good time when you have fun and also friends in the team. As a skier you need to like the travelling I think because we travel a lot. But once you’re there it’s pretty nice and you can enjoy the time away from home. For me the motivation is that I always have fun in skiing. It’s very fun to be out on the mountains in the nature. And of course the good results make it easier.

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  1. I have been really looking forward to the new season. Thanks for posting this video, great to see more about Luca and get to see the amazing views of his home training region. Wishing all the athletes all the best for the new season!

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