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Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Gang Member Refuses to Leave Cell (Season 2) | A&E

Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Gang Member Refuses to Leave Cell (Season 2) | A&E

99 thoughts on “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Gang Member Refuses to Leave Cell (Season 2) | A&E”

  1. He still smelled chemical from the last time? Does he not wash out his mask? I am a vet and a previous firefighter. You always wash your mask. Rookies….a seasoned CO needs to mentor him

  2. “Im an adrenaline junkie”
    “I love danger”
    Not sure id wanna work with someone who thinks like that at that type of job

  3. Javier, you're really doing well!!! You, Andrew & the other Latino COs make Chicanos PROUD✊🏽
    Most gang members have the intellect but chose the wrong path. I hope they look at you & the others as roll models & do 180°s 🙏

  4. That extraction drill wasn't just for the co's the inmates were watching how they moved. Where the cops armour is vonerable they used that homeboy as bait to see what the cops would do. Inmates aren't stupid

  5. 5 guys in riot armor and gas mask VS hardly armed (if at all) man in pajamas(post riot gas). It’s like the patriots getting nervous about losing to a high school football team coached by the Cleveland browns.

  6. When the prisoner said he will comply, they should say ''to late now, you've flicked the switch, we have to spray you and let the extraction crew do their thing''….

  7. Talked all that $%&#….cuffs up instantly. Dont matter how big you are, you ain't gonna take out every guard in the penn…you play long enough the house always wins.

  8. How is it really nerve racking grabbing an inmate fully suited up with like 12 other guys trying to grab the same guy you are lmao😂

  9. Lmao so many flaws with this.. and I can see him in the future power tripping this guy is a joke fire him so many red flags with this co

  10. I would be scared to work with this rookie. In his whole list of things that could go wrong it was always an experienced person he was worried about. He needs to start thinking about what happens when he f** up, and get somebody hurt.

  11. If some of you Americans think this is a wrong way to treat these young delinquents one day then look at the reality of young delinquents in Brazil here, if a delinquent youth steals, kills, most of the time nothing happens, most of the time goes to a center of young offenders, but from there they end up worse than they came in and stay for a short time, our country has this big mistake that is human rights that ends up defending criminals here, than the citizen of good reality in Brazil and that crime pays off here if a young man steals a cell phone and the most normal thing there is, if someone kills the same and it all starts at the beginning of their teenage lives are not punished and end up going to this life and also in our country there are no programs intervention as shock treatment because human rights classify this as very torturous, and here prisons are much worse than American ones, so the few of you who doubt that this is right to be done. It is with bad people to look at other countries worse than you.

  12. There's far more better body armor than the BS they issue regular military and COs! Wonder how many knew there are prisons that make the ish they wear? 😂💯

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