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Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Tips for Downhill Skiing

Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Tips for Downhill Skiing

Hi! This is Dave Smith with Hillcrest Ski
and Sports in Gresham, Oregon on behalf of Expert Village. In this tutorial we will cover
beginning skiing. In this clip we’re going to cover how to start skiing downhill. Make
sure you’re on a very gradual slope to start with. Also, take a look around you for any
obstacles such as exposed rocks or ski area boundaries to make sure you don’t hit them
or cross them. Also be aware of the skiers around you so that you don’t get in their
way. Starting from a position where your skis are perpendicular to the slope, take your
downhill leg and point your ski downhill followed quickly by your uphill leg. Proceed downhill
with your feet shoulder width apart, your weight over the balls of your feet and your
hands in front of you where you can see them. In the next clip we’ll cover controlling your
speed and stopping.

25 thoughts on “Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Tips for Downhill Skiing”

  1. Where the hell are you skiing that there are exposed rocks? Oh and don't keep your skis shoulder width apart, keep them almost side by side, that way you can actually carve.

  2. umm..go during a school day. There are like..90% less people. Same thing after a holiday. We went boarding the week after christmas and basically had the mountain to ourselves.

  3. yo man watch out, I ain't swiss but I live here and btw American ski resorts only have more and biger snow parks (usually). Switzerland has one of the best runs…Even other Americans said that here :p

  4. do you really think this is Mt hood Cause I have been there like 18 times I hope I can go to Mt hood in the summer time to get ski lessons!!! I live in Portland Oregon so its only an Hour away from my house

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