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Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Stem Christi Turns: Skiing Tips

Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Stem Christi Turns: Skiing Tips

Hi! This is Dave Smith with Hillcrest Ski
and Sports in Gresham, Oregon on behalf of Expert Village. In this tutorial we will cover
beginning skiing. In this clip we’ll cover the Stem Christi turn which is a more advanced
turn. The Stem Christi turn is a very important stepping stone to parallel turns which is
an intermediate to advanced skiing technique. Because of that, this should be the last technique
that you work on in this beginning skiing lesson. The Stem Christi turn starts out the
same way as the wedge turn. Extend your legs. Transfer your weight, the majority of your
weight onto the ski that will become your downhill ski. But, instead of staying in the
wedge position, allow your uphill ski to slide into the French Fry position so that it’s
parallel to your downhill ski in the middle of your turn. Come across the slope. And as
you enter your next turn in the wedge position, again allow that uphill ski to drop in parallel
to your downhill ski. Continue doing this until you get comfortable with it. Make sure
that before you start working on the Stem Christi turn you’re very comfortable linking
turns in the wedge position. Also make sure you’re still doing the basics keeping your
weight on the balls of your feet, keeping your feet shoulder width apart and keeping
your hands in front of you where you can see them.

21 thoughts on “Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Stem Christi Turns: Skiing Tips”

  1. More lovely classic errors!

    1.Lifting the inside ski to match the downhill ski
    2.Introducing a pole plant
    3. Hands low
    4. Staring at ski tips

  2. hey, i havnt skied in ten years, and these clips really helped my to remember the basics again and the tips about ski size etc were really helpful! great stuff! x

  3. Hey,
    i am a beginner going on a school ski trip in a few weeks, so i am excited but want to be good so slightly nervous
    Your clips have really helped me and i now feel more confident going on the slopes- with a bit more knowledge.

    Btw, are are people having a go? You are just trying to help people like myself learn the basics.
    I can not see any problem with that!?

    Thanks again!

  4. @euphoria156
    he just says it wrong, the ski closest to the hill shouldn't have any "weight" on it..
    tho, your ski that goes down the hill should have all the weight..
    that's prob. the best explanation i can give you ;/

  5. i can't control and keep the skies parallel because of the upper hill ski when turning! mostly when turning left… what should i do ?

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