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Battle of the Blades Season 5 highlights with executive producer Sandra Bezic

Battle of the Blades Season 5 highlights with executive producer Sandra Bezic

The exciting thing about figure skating performance
is that it really is a moment in time. And some times, it all pulls together to become
magic. And that’s what Sheldon and Kaitlyn created
with their program “Smile”. It was the perfect combination of clever choreography,
beautifully melded with the music and a real character development in this short amount
of time, a minute and fourty five seconds of performance. They managed to tell a story and cast a spell. And when that happens, the entire audience
feels that electricity and certainly the judges did too and that’s why they got a 6.0 across
the board. Six. Right across the board! When Brian threw Vanessa in the twist-lift,
it was spectacular. And the reason why is that was spectacular
was because it was only a single and in competition, you see doubles and you see triples, so you
don’t really get.. because it all happens so quickly, you don’t really see how extraordinary
it is in the throw and the height. But with Vanessa’s huge split, and Brian being
so tall to begin with, she just flew and I thought that that was a really magical moment. The tie. Well, we’ve never had a tie before. Oh gosh. We were all on the edge of our seats. Because we knew it was in the judge’s hands
and it never really occurred to us until the very last moment that Kurt would consider
a tie. You need to keep going, P.J. And so do you. So I’m going to tie you guys, we’ll see you
both next week. Five point seven, seventeen point two. Wow! When you’re producing this show, you fall
in love with all the pairs. You don’t want anyone to go home. And in particular, that night because we have
such a soft spot for P.J. and Violetta, and then Katia and Bruno are so extraordinary. They both had solid solid skates, it really
was like choosing an apple over an orange. So, back in producer’s palace, we were really
excited with Kurt’s decision. I want to grow up to be like Natalie and her
attitude. Her confidence and her sheer joy and her approach
to everything is so joyous and she’s so excited. She and Andrew became a really solid partnership
and it started from right from the beginning. There was electricity there but it really
grew and for me, I think it was perhaps, if I recall — week three where they did the
more romantic number. And Natalie had an opportunity to show her
vulnerability and her sensitivity. And I thought that was a real step forward
for her and for the partnership. It really came alive. The female hockey player has a completely
different experience in this show, I think. Because there is so much that’s asked of them. So many firsts in their lives as professional
athletes. Because all of a sudden, costuming and body
line and makeup and hair and all of this stuff comes into play. And the whole artistic expression as the woman
in a partnership, that’s all added on top of what they have to learn just in terms of
skating with toe picks and learning technique so in pair skating and ice dancing, it is
very much a union of two equals. But, the focus is often on the woman. And the female hockey player has to take on
that responsibility and it’s a very vulnerable thing for them to go through because they’ve
never had to think of the things that they have to think of. So my heart goes out to the female players
and I think that they’ve been extraordinarily brave and we certainly have learned from both
of them. From both Amanda Kessel and Natalie Spooner
in that… to be, to just grab an opportunity and push as hard as you can and maintain your
confidence as a woman. “Ain’t No Sunshine” for Katia and Bruno was
really the perfect combination of pair skating technique with expression and flow and fluidity. They were equals on the ice and I felt that
that was really almost the first time or especially the time Bruno stepped up to be Katia’s leading
man. She’s a two-time Olympic champion. That’s quite a heavy weight to stand next
to and perform and I felt that Bruno really took that performance and made it his own. And they were very much a unit, not just technically
but emotionally. It swept the audience away. You know, Colton has been pretty amazing because
what he and Amanda have set out to do is really push technically. And they’ve done the most difficult pair elements
in the competition with the throws and the twists consistently. The other pairs have done some of it, but
not as consistently as Amanda and Colton have. He’s the kind of guy who really works and
really cares. And I know that he was especially careful
about Amanda’s safety and very nervous of that. And when Colton gets nervous, he stops breathing. And so he had to learn how to breathe throughout
these whole performances. They certainly grew as a partnership. They were a strong unit right from the beginning
and had their sets, their goals set right from the beginning. And it’s been really wonderful to watch them
progress and see the work ethic and see the work ethic be rewarded with improvement and
with stronger and stronger performances each week. We were all really devastated for Colby when
he was injured and for the first 24 hours, we didn’t even want to think about a replacement. Our minds were on, first of all, Colby’s well-being
but then also, was there a chance he could continue in the show. When it became obvious that he couldn’t, because
we were so close to our week one show, we really felt that we needed to turn to a skater,
a player who had previous experience in the show. And we first looked at, well, we first looked
at, we first thought of P.J. quite frankly. Because he knows the show so well, because
he was Violetta’s partner, because he was a judge, because he would know what he was
getting into and because he has a lion’s heart. The pairing is often very organic. What we do, is once we know our cast and we
gather them, as many as we possibly can for boot camp, we stand back. We meaning myself, Micheal Seibert, Paul Martini,
whatever other coaches and choreographers are with us and we stand back and we just
observe. And we watch for their personalities to emerge,
their body language and we mix and match partners, we have them switching around and we just
kind of see where the chemistry comes from. I love them all! You know? I love every single season, I love every pair,
they’re like my babies. Actually, for me, a lot of the magic happens
before we get on camera, watching them train, watching them in dress rehearsal and watching
that transformation and watching the players take on this journey with such bravery and
then the fact that they’re all doing it for charity and all care so deeply is very moving
for me and humbling.

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  1. I had the pleasure of seeing the first three show in Hamilton. So thrilling to see the judges, and the very talented
    Kurt Browning and Ron McLean.
    Bravo to all involved, spotlighting the charities and the dedicated athletes that brought inspiration and awe to all ages.
    Thank you

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