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Basic Snowboarding Equipment : Snowboarding Gear Set Up

Basic Snowboarding Equipment : Snowboarding Gear Set Up

Alright right now we’re going to go over how
to set up your board for what type of riding you want to do and what’s best for people
who are just starting out. Bindings are very adjustable as far as how they slide up and
down your board this way. There’s usually eight bolts or six, depending on the board.
So you have a lot of options. Mine are really far apart, my bindings because it helps keep
me stable when I’m in the air and hitting rails. But if you’re just starting out it
doesn’t help too much. Usually, I’d say, start with your bindings at 19 or 20 inches if you’re
just starting. Mine are at 23. And the next thing you want to talk about is the angle
of your bindings, which can go all the way from 45 to negative 45. I’d say for a beginner,
the best set up is probably ten in the leading foot, and keep your rear foot at zero degrees
with a stance width of 20 inches. Bindings are adjustable in many ways. Your high backs
have forward lean which is how much this high back right here leans forward. That’s all
a matter of preference as well, but it doesn’t really affect too much.

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